LeCab launches PLUS, a new-generation shared transport service in association with Via and Keolis

01-31-2017 .LeCab, a benchmark in France for private driver services, in partnership with the American start-up Via and with the support of Keolis, to launch a unique shared transport service in Paris: PLUS. For the first time in Europe, on-demand transport technology developed by Via will be used to provide the cheapest and most efficient private driver service on the market. To support the introduction of this new service, Keolis has announced it has taken a share in Via, a global leader in share mobility solutions as a result of revolutionary technology developed in New York and Tel Aviv. By launching the PLUS service, Keolis and LeCab are providing the missing link between private driver services and public transport, and demonstrating their shared ambition to offer innovative transport solutions that improve everyday mobility.

PLUS: a unique connected mobility solution

In the Greater Paris region 20% of residents have over an hour-long journey to work every day, and the length and inconvenience of this commute is a long-standing concern for transport players. As a result Keolis and LeCab have developed PLUS, a new fixed-price, shared transport solution.

Technology developed by Via optimises travel time and cost by providing shared journeys that are as direct as possible. PLUS calculates the estimated journey time for each passenger based on proposed pick-up and drop-off points that fall along the driver’s route. By introducing some passenger walking time into the journey plan, PLUS is innovating and allowing customers and drivers to gain time and reduce CO2 emissions.

PLUS will be accessible to everyone, with fixed-price journeys of €5 in rush hour, and a special introductory offer of €1 until 21 February 2017. The service will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at a price established in advance and a going rate 30% lower than the price of the miniLeCab service. Using an algorithm developed by Via, drivers follow routes created in real-time using predictive analysis that anticipates future demand. Journeys are therefore calculated to offer the optimal itinerary, minimising detours as much as possible.

By reducing the inconvenience, length and cost of journeys as well as fuel consumption, PLUS is reinventing the face of everyday mobility.

A collaborative partnership to build everyday mobility solutions for the future

PLUS provides an alternative to individual car journeys, and enhances the traditional public transport offer.
This new service is the product of technology developed by Via, with the business expertise of LeCab, and the financial and strategic support of Keolis.
Thanks to a partnership established with Via at the end of 2016, Keolis has moved a step further towards the future of mobility by introducing Via technology in France.
PLUS thus embodies the shared ambition of Keolis and LeCab to combine their expertise and develop efficient new transport solutions adapted to the growing mobility needs of different regions.

In this era of smart cities, everyone is looking towards new mobility solutions, and public transport needs to evolve. PLUS represents the missing link between private driver services and public transport, reducing individual car usage by providing a comfortable, practical, and affordable transport service. More frequently, all forms of everyday mobility are going to combine to shape the future of transport. This conviction is what guides Keolis’ partnership strategy and has driven us to support projects like PLUS, to co-create future mobility

Laurent Kocher, Executive Director for Innovation, Marketing and Services at Keolis

PLUS will revolutionise transport for residents in the Greater Paris region. It is quite simply the most efficient transport solution for limiting individual car use and for reinventing mobility in cities of the future


Benjamin Cardoso, founder of LeCab

Via’s mission is to revolutionise traditional transport based on fixed routes and times by using our cutting-edge technology to create an optimum, fully dynamic network. Strategic partnerships such as the launch of PLUS in Paris with LeCab and Keolis are an extension of this vision, uniting leaders in public transport and mobility to help develop urban transit around the world


Oren Shoval, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Via