With ‘Keolis new energies tour’, the Group supports transport authorities in their energy transition

From 29 October to 3 December 2019, Keolis will be embarking on a tour of seven cities throughout France – Le Mans, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Salon-de-Provence, Prenois, Bouxières-aux-Dames and Comines – to promote more sustainable forms of mobility across the country. The group's alternative energy experts will be presenting their vision of various clean energies (bio NGV , electric and hydrogen) as well as existing rolling stock to public transport authorities in order to feed their reflection on the challenges of climate change within their territory. Following launches of fully electric bus rapid transit (BRT) services in Amiens and Bayonne-Biarritz in 2019, this initiative is further evidence of the group's desire to make mobility more environmentally friendly.

Encouraged by the loi d'orientation des mobilités (mobility law), which provides a definition of low emission zones in cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants, authorities are increasingly voicing their desire to promote more sustainable mobility across their regions.

A tour of France to support the energy transition

To support the cities in their energy transition policies and present the various options available, Keolis undertakes a tour of France starting on 29 October, visiting seven cities of different sizes. The ‘Keolis new energies tour’ is designed to promote a new generation of vehicles which operate exclusively using clean energies from bio NGV, to electric and hydrogen and get the elected representatives of local authorities to engage in discussions about introducing low-emission mobility.

Supporting authorities in their deployment of decarbonised mobility solutions

At each of the seven stops, Keolis' alternative energy experts will meet with elected representatives and passengers and answer their questions about sustainable mobility solutions across their regions. Test drives of mini cars, coaches, electric shuttles and vehicles running on bio NGV, as well as hydrogen-powered bikes will be will be carried out in order to present their characteristics.

The introduction of such vehicles, which emit no or relatively few emissions, and which significantly reduce noise pollution, helps improve quality-of-life for citizens and enhances the appeal and vitality of local communities.

2019: the year of electric mobility for Keolis

In France, Keolis recently launched fully electric BRT lines in Amiens (May 2019) and Bayonne-Biarritz (September 2019) and is currently working on launching a fully hydrogen-powered BRT system in Pau, scheduled for the end of the year.

In Europe, the Group is also in charge of numerous electric mobility projects. In addition to operating 100% fossil free buses in Sweden, Keolis won a contract in June 2019 to operate carbon-free bus network in Bergen, Norway, as well as its largest electric bus contract (300 e-buses) in the Netherlands in September 2019.

In North America, Keolis operates the electric bus fleet in Greensboro (North Carolina), Foothill (South California) and Reno (Nevada). In Canada, in December 2018 the Group became the largest operator of 100% electric C-type school buses in North America.