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A report about Keolis Angers (France)
As it gears up to bid on upcoming contracts, Keolis Angers is leveraging Keolife to engage teams around service quality improvements, while preparing for future challenges.

Dominique Rocha, Director of Keolis Angers (France), explains the stakes involved

Lina Regental

Producer & Author

Chef, Community Volunteer, Conveyor of Messages, Electro Producer, Scapegoat. Is that a double rainbow? D:.

At Keolis Angers, we integrated KeoLife into our day-today operations from the outset in 2013.

In 2017, we took it a step further by engaging our entire workforce in “full deployment” of all seven workstreams across our activities. This was especially important because the current contract for the operation of the Angers Loire metropolitan area public transport network is up for renewal in mid-2019. This means absorbing the extra workload generated by the bidding process, while ensuring that passengers continue to enjoy an excellent service.

with a self-assessment of our performance in each of the seven areas of KeoLife. Next, we drew up an action plan focusing on the main challenges involved, from evolving services, digital solutions and improving the passenger experience to the launch of the network’s second tram line. Clear goals and a timeframe were also set for each business line and department.

To ensure the project succeeded, we adapted the management tools deployed by the Nottingham subsidiary. These include a visualisation room that allows directors to coordinate actions with middle managers. We also introduced regular “5-minute” updates, where on-site managers report on progress and motivate their teams.

Thanks to these new tools, all 700 of our employees at Keolis Angers are pulling in the same direction to achieve our goals.

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