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A report about Keolis Dauphiné (France)
In line with the social responsibility strand of the KeoLife programme, Keolis Dauphiné, which comprises three urban and suburban transport subsidiaries, is working to raise driver awareness about the need to reduce fuel consumption

Abdel Mammad of Keolis Dauphiné (France) explains

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I began working at Keolis Dauphiné in 2016 and was immediately impressed with KeoLife. The great thing about the initiative is that it’s really easy to use.

The toolbox allowed us to assess each and every aspect of our operations and performance against the seven main thrusts of the KeoLife programme and then define a comprehensive action plan.

Liaising with the management committee, we set objectives for each of the seven focus areas, complete with tangible KPIs and benchmarks to be achieved. These included reducing vehicle fuel consumption, which is a key goal in terms of environmental protection as well as business performance, since fuel is the company’s third biggest spend.We presented the project to the Works Council. Local managers then circulated a document to all our drivers to raise awareness around these issues. Next, we introduced individual monthly fuel monitoring to see which drivers needed training in fuel-efficient driving techniques and to identify and share best practices across teams.

In the first six months, this initiative has already enabled us to reduce total fuel consumption by 0.5 litres per 100km.