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A report about Greater Manchester's Metrolink, the UK's largest tram network
A service shutdown of Manchester’s tram line one week into operations showed the important role Keolife plays in resolving issues. A lasting impression!

Marie Daly, Director of Human Resources, Keolisamey, Manchester (United Kingdom), explains

Lina Regental

Producer & Author

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My first exposure to KeoLife was during the mobilisation period as we prepared to take over operations in July 2017. KeoLife’s usefulness quickly became clear when we were hit with a crisis one week after service start-up. An inherited infrastructure failure forced us to close the tram network for a full day, with repercussions throughout the community.

As our team responded to address the problem and get us back up and running, I saw KeoLife in action for the first time. The platform provided critical network information and gave us instant access to Keolis experts around the world, enabling us to quickly resolve the issue and get the service back up and running.

Since then, KeoLife has played a role in other essential areas. It’s become our go-to resource whenever we face a problem. Our team uses it to find case studies and identify contacts from other subsidiaries who share best practices that we can apply. Just a little more than six months into our operations,KeoLife is now part of our culture and a key means of engaging our employees.

As it connects us together, I see how it generates interest in other parts of the organisation, which encourages employee mobility and promotes sharing of knowledge and experiences. It’s a good illustration of the benefits of being part of a larger organisation.

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