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Faced with financial, performance and customer satisfaction challenges in the Las Vegas operations, the new management team used keolife to focus improvement efforts, align teams and rebuild the partnership relationship with our customer.

Francis Julien, General Manager, Las Vegas Operations, Keolis Transit America

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After starting my Keolis career in Quebec, Canada, I came to Las Vegas three years ago to take on the task of returning the subsidiary to health. First as director of operations here, then as general manager, I became familiar with KeoLife through discussions with my peers in the U.S., both in person and on KeoSphere, the Group’s collaborative platform.

Today, KeoLife has enabled us to align all levels of the company. We defined our 2018 objectives and use the visualisation room, open to everyone, for holding short, effective team meetings. Weekly reports focus on where we are in progressing toward our objectives under each pillar. KeoLife is relevant to 90% of what we do in our daily business.

KeoLife has been instrumental in turning around our operation, including the vital relationship with our customer, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada.We used KeoLife as the basis for presenting our philosophy, methodology and priorities, which helped to gain their buy-in and restore their confidence. In our biweekly meetings with them in our visualisation room, we bring them up to date on progress.An example of KeoLife in action: through our tracking charts, we were able to pinpoint faulty engine gaskets as the source of a fumes problem on a number of vehicles.

Working with our customer, we proposed a solution to the vehicle manufacturer, who fixed the affected vehicles and now does preventative maintenance on the entire fleet. KeoLife is truly a powerful tool for continuous improvement!

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