«We found Keolis really solid, experienced transit professionals»

A report about Foothill transit

Viewpoint of Kevin Parks McDonald Foothill’s Deputy Executive Director – USA

Lina Regental

Producer & Author

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What were the main reasons for choosing Keolis to operate your bus network?

Keolis’ written proposal was really well put together and the company was able to demonstrate considerable success elsewhere. When we interviewed the team, we found that they were really solid, experienced transit professionals, able to respond clearly and knowledgeably to our questions. Keolis’ experience with innovative mobility solutions like NAVYA’s autonomous vehicles and scheduling technology reinforced our feeling that there was good alignment in our mission statements and a shared commitment to innovation.

How have your bus operations been managed by Keolis to date?

The Keolis team has been working hard to keep things running smoothly, keeping us informed so that we can keep customers informed. We have seen a strong commitment to responding to customer comments. Unscheduled bus repairs also are minimal; this reduces schedule disruptions and, thus, customer complaints. During the bidding process, we identified vehicle cleanliness as something that is very important to us. Since they took over, we’ve seen that Keolis makes sure that not only are the vehicles in top condition mechanically, they’re also in very good condition from an appearances standpoint. One of the initiatives they have implemented is upholstery cleaning on the buses, which we’ve communicated about with our customers.

Are there particular highlights of your relationship with Keolis that you can share with us?

We are clear on our expectations because we have an excellent and well defined contractual relationship. This forms the backbone of our working relationship, with regular communication, meetings and visits. Keolis is very open with us. We have access anytime to their visualisation room so that we can review the status of operations in real time. As an international company, Keolis also brings worldwide operating expertise and new ideas. We look to them to bring to us what they’re learning elsewhere. This lets us innovate and improve our operations and enhance the service to our customers.

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