Keolis va exploiter à Dijon le premier contrat
de «mobilité globale» français

01-04-2017. On Thursday 22 December 2016, the Greater Dijon region renewed its confidence in Keolis, the long-standing operator of Dijon’s public transport network, Divia. The new six-year public service delegation contract began on 1 January 2017 and is expected to generate €435 million in total revenue. For the first time in France, public transport, parking and bike-share services have been combined into a ‘comprehensive mobility’ contract.

A unique and comprehensive range of mobility solutions

Greater Dijon has placed its trust in the Keolis Group to manage and operate all transport solutions in the region.

As of 1 January 2017, the Group’s subsidiary Keolis Dijon Mobilités is now responsible for overseeing the Greater Dijon transport network, which services 255,000 inhabitants in 24 towns.

It is the first time in France that all transport services in a particular region –buses, trams, solutions for people with reduced mobility, car parks, short and long-term bike rentals, and car and bike impoundment lots – have been combined into a single public service delegation contract. 
Keolis, the long-standing operator of the Dijon network Divia, will draw upon its expertise in multimodality, along with the skills of its subsidiary EFFIA— the leading car park operator for train stations and no.2 in France for car parks— to manage  nine car parks, street parking and car impoundment lot through its subsidiary EGS, in Greater Dijon.
The Group will also rely upon its subsidiary Cykleo to run the bike rental services and create and manage France’s first ever bike impoundment lot.
This comprehensive mobility approach aims to eliminate the frequent debate between those who drive and those who opt for public transport and alternative modes of transport, by promoting the shared use of public space. 
As part of this public service delegation contract, Keolis will also oversee the renewal of the 400 short-term rental bikes at 40 different stations, and will manage nine car parks, two tram lines, 800 long-term rental bikes and a fleet of 200 buses. This will include 102 hybrid buses, making the Dijon network the first hybrid bus network in France.
The contract also includes modernising various aspects of the transport offer, primarily through the renovation of car parks (a €7.2 million investment), new equipment for transporting people with reduced mobility, and the renewal of the non-hybrid bus fleet by 2019. 
Keolis intends to develop a new model of spontaneous mobility, shared and digitally connected using collective intelligence (public service users, local residents, visitors, employees, stakeholders) to develop a comprehensive transport offer that meets the needs of the region.  


Keolis, mobility integrator

Keolis sees Greater Dijon as a showcase for its ambitious and innovative mobility strategy: increasing the region’s appeal, managing the growth in tourism, accessibility, the transition to renewable energy sources and its transformation into a smart city. 
In line with the commitments of the Public Transport Authority (PTA), which is seeking to affirm its status as a leading eco-friendly player in France, a new bike-share scheme will be established and a new 100 % electric ‘city’ shuttle will service the city centre. 
With regards to accessibility, Keolis Dijon Mobilités intends to introduce new, higher-capacity vehicles and staff dedicated to accompanying people with reduced mobility.
Finally, as part of its goal to improve the quality of customer service and journeys, from 2017 Keolis Dijon Mobilités will launch a website and an app for all transport solutions (public transport, bikes, parking) which are accessible using the same transport card. By the end of 2017, thanks to “Open Payment” services on trams, it will be possible to validate each journey using just a bank card or smartphone.

Through this unique and comprehensive mobility contract, Greater Dijon is demonstrating its capacity for innovation, and we are proud to accompany the region in its visionary approach. By awarding this contract to Keolis, the PTA in Dijon has recognised us as a leading mobility partner. It is the first contract of its kind in France and will allow us to better respond the challenges involved in everyday mobility: accessibility, energy transition and multimodal integration to make journeys simpler and more enjoyable for passengers in the region.


Frédéric Baverez - Executive Director of the Group for France