Connectram, tram of the future

In Bordeaux, augmented reality to serve passenger information
The "tram of the future" is called Connectram. Led by Keolis Bordeaux Métrople, this pioneering initiative puts smart technology and connectivity at the heart of commuter travel. By offering a unique mobility experience, Connectram allows passengers to rediscover their everyday environment through an interactive immersion in the heart of the Bordeaux of tomorrow.

Towards smart, connected mobility

Connectram offers passengers a revolutionary augmented reality experience by immersing them in a universe that cleverly mixes the real and the virtual. Trialed on line C of the Bordeaux tram network, the system allows passengers to take back ownership of the urban environment. The two screens affixed to tram windows integrate computerized images of the future equipment and buildings superimposed on a scrolling cityscape. These "window-screens" allow passengers to see the renovated Saint-Jean station, the future railway bridge, the Innova tower and the future Euratlantique district.

Assembled in Keolis workshops, Connectram successfully picks up the technological challenge of real-time synchronization of the digital images provided by Bordeaux Euratlantique with the real images captured by cameras during the trip, thanks to a innovative 3D geo-location tool. Through instant dissemination of information about the district through which the vehicle is travelling (tourist ideas, future real-estate projects or schedules and connections with high-speed train, regional train and bus services), Connectram makes a concrete contribution to the development of the Bordeaux conurbation.

An inspiration for the future of public transport            

In view of its success in the trial phase, Connectram looks to have a fine future. It has many innovative aspects that can be adapted to other means of transport. With this project, the Keolis Group once again demonstrates its determination to take positions as a leader in connected mobility. The idea is now to replace the existing screens by a new flexible, malleable screen that can be affixed directly to the tram windows, again with the idea of optimizing the passenger experience.

Connectram in vidéo (in French)