Keolis launches M-Ticket in Orléans, France.

M-Ticket, Keolis’ digital ticketing solution, has been launched on the TAO network in Orléans, France. This never before seen mobility experience allows passengers to manage all aspects of their journey using their smartphones, from planning their itinerary to purchasing and validating their tickets. The Group is the only transport operator in France to offer this innovative, 100% digital, daily mobility solution.

M-Ticket transforms your smartphone into a digital ticket

The days of queuing at agencies or machines, and rummaging in bags and pockets for public transport tickets are nearing an end. TAO, Orléans’ public transport network, now offers passengers a fully digital ticketing experience with M-Ticket. Using an app downloaded to their smartphone, tickets can be purchased and validated in seconds. The digital tickets can be activated and validated in buses and trams by simply scanning a barcode on-board. This new functionality was developed by Kisio Digital, Keolis’ digital solutions subsidiary, in partnership with Masabi, a world leader in M-Ticket technology, and Voyages-SNCF Technology, a major player in e-commerce in France. As in Montargis, a successful trial of the technology in September 2016 convinced Keolis Orléans Val de Loire to make this innovative software package available to all passengers on its network. 

Plan Book Ticket, Keolis 100% digital ticketing solution is now complete 

With M-Ticket, TAO is the first transport network in a major French city to launch the complete Plan Book Ticket app, Keolis’ all-in-one digital connected mobility solution. This app is the only one of its kind in France, and simplifies transport usage by digitising three key functions: 

  1. The ‘Plan’ function allows passengers to plan their journey and is already available on over 10 Keolis networks in France. The app calculates suggested travel itineraries using all available transport modes (including buses, trams, metros, car, bikes and walking), using real-time timetables, alerts and access points. 
  2. Tickets and travel passes can be reserved and purchased using the ‘Book’ function, an online store connected to network’s own ticketing systems.
  3. Lastly, passengers can validate their ‘Ticket’ from their smartphone, allowing them to do away with traditional tickets and passes with an app that combines NFC and CB2D technologies and that is compatible with different smartphone operating systems.  

A winning innovation

A major driver of the acceleration of digitisation in public transport, M-Ticket offers numerous advantages for passengers, PTAs and transport operators:

  • easier boarding for passengers
  • improved service speed and punctuality
  • reduced peak customer periods and wait times in agencies
  • reduced fare evasion
  • increased network revenue
  • improved appeal for public transport networks among potential new customers.

Leading the way in connected mobility

The launch of M-Ticket in Montargis and Orléans is a successful first step for a mobility solution that will see the development of new, rewarding opportunities for networks. It is estimated that by 2019 over 35 billion digital transport tickets will be used on mobile phone platforms. By offering passengers a simpler way to manage their trip and enriching their passenger experience, Keolis strengthens its position as an industry leader in connected mobility and furthers its lead in digital ticketing in public transport.