Keolis launches new bike sharing concept in The Netherlands

12-07-2016. 340 KeoBikes available by using a smartphone to reserve, unlock and pay. Innovative carousel concept with bikes suspended and the use of solar panels to provide energy to power the equipment

Syntus, a subsidiary of Keolis and based in The Netherlands has become the first to offer the new KeoBike scheme. This new scheme is an innovative bike sharing concept with 340 bikes in 24 locations across the provinces of Veluwe and Utrecht (East and Central Netherlands). The bikes are available for hire through the use of smartphones and situated in prominent locations across the two provinces. The bikes are intended as part of our programme to make the first and last mile of the passenger journey easier.

Adapting to new and flexible mobility

Today individual lifestyles are constantly changing and the approach to transport is no exception. A journey will often be taken using more than one mode of transport, whether for leisure or business.  To support this KeoBike has been developed, whereby using the Mobilock app on your smartphone you are able to reserve and unlock the bike. In the locking mechanism there is also an I-beacon. The lock makes it also possible to safely monitor the bike and its location at all times. Also unique to KeoBike is the ability to return it to any of the numerous carousels in the scheme. 

These Lo Minck carousels, in which the bikes are hanging, are a stylish addition to the streetscape, with a solar panel system on the roof generating the required power to rotate the bikes as and when they are needed.  In addition to the environmental bonus provided, Syntus has been able to form a local social partnership with a community enterprise called Feluagroep to carry out any repairs on the bikes.

Sustainability and accessibility more important

KeoBike is part of the flexible public transport approach Syntus-Keolis Group is realizing in The Netherlands. For passengers where the bikes are not available, a flex bus service has been provided for the first and last mile journey.

With the introduction to KeoBike in The Netherlands, Keolis through Syntus has increased its bike fleet to 17,340 in total.