Avec sa nouvelle filiale Cykleo, le Groupe Keolis accélère le développement de son offre « Vélo »

10-19-2016. As the no.2 cycle share scheme in France, the Keolis Group has 17 000 bikes available for self-service and long-term rental, in 25 different countries. This cycle-share scheme is operated by the Keolis Group subsidiary EFFIA Transport, which is today becoming Cykleo

Cykleo develops innovative solutions for ‘alternative mobility’, encompassing all non-motorised, environmentally-friendly forms of transport, such as the cycle.

Bolstered by the operational expertise it has acquired since the launch of its first self-service cycle-share network in 2007, Cykleo offers ‘turnkey’ cycling alternatives to communities and businesses, be it self-service, long-term rental, or even cycle parking lots.

The Keolis subsidiary advises communities throughout all phases of delivery: from initial conception to eventual implementation. This includes needs studies, deployment, marketing and communication with service users.

In order to promote cycling as a primary mode of transport, Cykleo offers a personalised customer service in addition to its operational expertise, so as to best accommodate growing transport needs, adapting its service to local projects and constraints.

Cykleo’s experts and technicians oversee, in addition to long-term rentals, 5,300 self-service cycle rentals daily; as well as 520 cycle terminals and more than 4,500 cycle parking spaces, including 2,300 allocated spaces in secured parking lots across Lille, Bordeaux, Orléans, Rennes, Laval and Pau.

Cykleo’s scheme seeks to meet the environmental and economic challenges that we face today. Using cycles for everyday transport needs is likely to see a significant rise over the next five years. So from 2017 onwards, Cykleo will be further developing its scheme, as well as offering new services principally aimed at tourists and at businesses as part of their plans to reduce individual car usage.  These developments will allow Cykleo to create easier access to the cycle-share scheme, to propose turnkey solutions for businesses, to strengthen cycle parking infrastructures, to expand its rental scheme and to extend it to other individual modes of transport. In doing so, it will make cycling an even easier, more attractive prospect for potential users.

 Thanks to the expertise of its subsidiary Cykleo, Keolis is boosting its transport scheme with the aim of partnering local authorities for the development of alternative transport solutions


About Cykleo :

A 100% Keolis Group subsidiary, Cykleo (formerly EFFIA Transport), no. 2 for cycle share schemes in France, has from 2007 focused its efforts on developing alternative and environmentally friendly forms of transport.

By having an input in all the stages of the cycle scheme development, from the conception to the implementation of self-service or long-term rentals, or even parking, Cykleo offers ‘turnkey’ cycle share solutions for communities.