Montreal : Keolis’ Autonomous shuttle to star at UITP summit

For the first time, driverless autonomous electric shuttles will drive the streets of Canada. Keolis and Navya have been approved to demonstrate, under real traffic conditions, the performance of this innovative mobility solution.

Following on from Las Vegas, Keolis’ autonomous shuttles will soon make an appearance in Montréal

Four months after navigating the streets of Las Vegas as part of the 2017 Consumer Electrics Show (CES) , Keolis and Navya’s driverless autonomous electric shuttles continue their expansion in North America.  This time, it is Montréal who will host them as part of the Global Public Transport Summit held by UITP (International Association for Public Transport) from 15 to 17 May 2017.  

Double showcase for Keolis and Navya 

For Keolis and Navya, this demonstration presents a double opportunity. Firstly, it is a means for Keolis Canada to highlight an innovative mobility solution in Montréal, a city looking to roll-out autonomous shuttles to complement public transport services operating in the city’s centre.  Secondly, it is an opportunity to demonstrate the joint expertise of Keolis and Navly in front of industry players from around the world, brought together for the UITP summit in Canada.  

A new ‘electric’ vision for public (and private) transport 

As proven by the Navly service operated by Keolis in Lyon (launched in September 2016), autonomous electric shuttles allow transport offers to be better adapted to suit the needs of citizens every kilometre of their journey. Environmentally friendly and flexible to management, this new form of transport contributes to a reduction in traffic and noise pollution whilst taking into consideration existing infrastructure.  

The Arma autonomous shuttles developed by Navya, also present a tailored response to the travel needs of businesses. With capacity to carry up to 15 people at a time, they enable visitors, clients and colleagues to move within business areas with ease. They constitute an ideal solution for complexes and campuses such as airports, hospitals, universities, hotels and theme parks.

We are convinced that these electric vehicles are the future of collective transport and are very happy to be able to test this new autonomous vehicle here on Canadian soil for the first time.  The enthusiasm for this project is really contagious


Patrick Gillous, Head of Operations, Keolis Canada