Keolis wins the public transport network of the Pays Foix-Varilhes conurbation authority

with the objective of tripling the transport offer by accelerating innovation
24th April 2022

▪ On 8 April 2022, the conurbation authority of Pays Foix-Varilhes awarded the operation and maintenance of its public transport network to Keolis. The contract is valid for six years and will start on 27 August 2022.

▪ Keolis' main task will be to assist the public transport authority in tripling the transport offer and rolling out innovations: introducing a new digital ticketing system, improving passenger information, deploying an on-demand transport service and an electric downtown shuttle. Keolis is committed to a 46% increase in network use by 2027.

A transport offer multiplied by three

On 8 April 2022, the conurbation authority of Pays Foix-Varilhes awarded Keolis the operation and maintenance of its transport network, designed to meet the travel needs of 32,000 people living in 42 municipalities.

The new network, which will be launched on 27 August 2022 coinciding with the start date of the contract, will primarily consist of four bus routes, including a "strong" route (every 30 minutes), an electric downtown shuttle and an on-demand transport service accessible in all towns and villages of the conurbation.

The network will operate from Monday to Saturday, notably serving the railway station and university complex of Foix, the Ariège valley intercommunal hospital complex (CHIVA) and major businesses working in the aeronautics sector.

It will comprise a fleet of ten new vehicles (four buses, three minibuses, two vehicles adapted for on-demand transport and an electric shuttle). To reduce the energy consumption of the vehicles and contribute to the energy transition, a system for miniaturizing the injection of hydrogen into the thermal engines of the vehicles will be used, thereby reducing fine particle emissions1.

In compliance with the conurbation’s wishes, the future transport offer will be multiplied by three compared to the current offer. This will enable it cover 420,000 km/year.

A network focused on providing a more digital transport offer and enhancing passenger information

Keolis will also be in charge of setting up a new contactless ticketing system in time for the launch of the new network. This will allow passengers to pay for their tickets directly at the validation terminals, which will be installed on all buses of the network. An online shop, accessible from the website, will also be deployed.

Passenger information will be substantially enhanced with the launch of the new network. Passengers will have access to real-time information with the Zenbus app, which will let them monitor bus times and track their exact location. Along the same lines, information display terminals will also be installed in the centre of town and at Foix station.

Keolis strenghtens its presence in Occitanie

Winning this contract enables Keolis to increase its presence in the Occitanie region. In addition to the city transport network of Foix, Keolis operates those of the conurbations of Agde, Alès, Auch, Narbonne, Sète and Tarbes-Lourdes.

Key figures

  • 42 municipalities served

  • 4 bus routes

  • 1 on-demand transport service

  • 10 vehicles including 1 electric shuttle

  • 16 employees including 14 drivers

  • 420,000 kilometres covered per year