New appointments within the Keolis Group Executive Committee

2nd May 2021

Clément Michel, President and CEO of Keolis North America, is appointed Senior Executive Vice President Human Resources and Transformation of Keolis Group from 3 May 2021. He joins the Executive Committee and will also lead on the group’s Health and Safety, Employee Engagement and Sustainable Development policies. David Scorey, CEO of Keolis Commuter Services which operates and maintains the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s commuter rail system in Greater Boston, is appointed interim CEO of Keolis North America. David will be supported by the Keolis North America management team during the transition period ahead of the appointment of Clement Michel’s successor. Clément Michel succeeds Bruno Danet, who leaves Keolis Group.

Annelise Avril is appointed Senior Executive Vice President Marketing, Innovation and New Mobilities, from 7 June 2021 when she will also become a member of the Executive Committee. Annelise Avril was previously Group Senior Vice President in charge of Innovation, Marketing, Digital Transformation and Research at SUEZ.
Annelise Avril succeeds Jean Ghedira, Senior Executive Vice President Marketing and New Mobilities, who joins LCL (Crédit Agricole Group) after 23 years in the public transport sector.

Marie-Ange Debon, CEO of Keolis Group :

“I am delighted to welcome Clément and Annelise to our motivated and dynamic Executive Committee where they will cotribute to a new phase in Keolis’ development.

Clément Michel’s operational and multicultual track record as well as his experience in strategic development, operational transformation and employee engagement will be invaluable assets in driving the group’s transformation, notably by harnessing our fast-growing expertise in digital innovation and energy transition. Our employees are Keolis’ most valued resource and it is their expertise and commitment which will ensure Keolis’ transformation delivers new opportunities.

I am counting on Annelise Avril to contribute her know-how and long and varied on-the-ground experience in public utilities management in France and internationally to a renewed vision of innovation and passenger experience as well as to the role of digital in transforming our work”.

Clément Michel

Clément Michel (46) has 22 years experience in passenger transport and the management of public transport networks. Since 2016 he has been president and CEO of Keolis North America (USA and Canada).

Clement joined SNCF in 1999, where he held several operational positions in Paris and in Montpellier. In 2005, he became Executive Director of Gare de Lyon station in Paris. In 2009, he joined Yarra Trams operated by Keolis Downer in Melbourne as Chief Operating Officer before being appointed CEO of Yarra Trams in 2013, a role in which he remained until moving to Keolis North America. Clément has a proven track record in areas including building innovative partnerships with the communities he serves, launching employee engagement initiatives, supporting talent development at all levels of the organisation and promoting sustainability, diversity and inclusion across the transportation industry. Clément Michel holds a master's degree in engineering from the École Centrale de Paris and a postgraduate degree in Development Economics from University of Essex.

Annelise Avril

Annelise Avril (49) began her career in 1995 as a project engineer at SUEZ Consulting, before joining the French Water Circle as General Delegate from 2000 to 2003. From 2004, she worked in different operational functions within the SUEZ Group, including Regional Operations Manager in France, Performance & Innovation Manager in Perth, Australia, CEO of Allwater, a subsidiary of SUEZ in South Australia, CEO of SUEZ Consulting, a SUEZ international subsidiary dedicated to engineering and consulting services in the environment, mobility and climate energy sectors (1,200 employees, 35 countries).

As administrator of the Syntec-Ingénierie federation of consulting engineering companies in France from 2017 to 2020, Annelise has promoted the feminisation of engineering professions and initiated the Engineering Chart for Climate.

A graduate of the the French engineering school ENSEEIHT, Annelise is Vice-President of MEDEF International’s Business Council on international financial institutions.