PAM 91: new contract for Keolis in transport services for people with reduced mobility

22 juin 2022

On 31 March, the Department of Essonne awarded the operation of the PAM 91 transport service for people with reduced mobility to Keolis for a period of one year from 4 October 2022. The service will become part of the future regional PAM in 2023.
This new contract, which follows the acquisition of PAM 77 in 2021, reinforces Keolis’ position as the main player in transport for people with reduced mobility in Île-de-France.

An offer to prepare the future regional PAM

PAM 91's 50 employees undertake 45,000 journeys per year on behalf of the service’s 1,000 registered users. Mainly serving health and community care centres, PAM 91 covers the entire area of the Essonne department, as well as the Île-de-France region.

With over 1.5 million kilometres covered each year, the PAM 91 service operated by Keolis will meet the expectations of the Department of Essonne by providing the best possible travel offer to its mobility-impaired passengers.

Following the successful takeover of the PAM 77 network in July 2021, Keolis will apply its know-how in managing operational handovers to ensure a seamless service continuity for passengers and the smooth integration of all employees concerned. Keolis will also be responsible for meeting service quality commitments and laying the groundwork of the future PAM 91 network.

In addition to the transport services delivered, Keolis will oversee the energy transition of the fleet by deploying vehicles running on alternative fuels to diesel.

Keolis, setting standards in transport for people with reduced mobility in Île-de-France

Created in 2003 and operated by Keolis since 2004, PAM 75 is the transport service for Parisians with reduced mobility. The service provided 250,000 journeys in 2019, for 8,000 registered customers. Since 2018, its fleet has consisted entirely of electric or hybrid natural gas vehicles.

In Val-de-Marne and Seine-et-Marne, Keolis has been operating the services Filival – PAM 94 (3,000 registered customers and 58,000 journeys per year) and PAM 77 (1,800 registered customers and 118,000 journeys per year) since March 2017 and July 2021 respectively.

In 2017, the Keolis Group acquired the company Les Coccinelles and its subsidiary Les Kangourous 2, enabling the transport of 500 people, mainly children, to schools and centres for special educational needs in Paris, Val-de-Marne and Seine-Saint-Denis every day.

Key figures of the PAM 91 service

  • Over 560 towns served

  • 45,000 annual journeys

  • 1.5 million kilometres covered per year

  • 50 members of staff

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