Corporate social responsibility

A shared vision of corporate citizenship
The environment, fair operating practices, diversity, support for the local community, sustainable and socially responsible procurement processes... The different aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) form an integral part of Keolis’ business plan. In addition, the Group engages in regular dialogue with stakeholders to share results and foster strategic thinking.

Driving Progress Responsibly

Keolis Group's Corporate Social Responsibility is based on two main conditions: respect of the rules and policies of the Group, consistent with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact and dialogue with our customers and other stakeholders.

These two main conditions are supplemented by four commitments: enrich the Customer Experience, guarantee the safety of our employees, provide them with an equitable and inclusive work environment which respects their diversity, limit our impacts on the environment and become actively involved in all the territories we serve.

Protecting the environment

Keolis is the first public transport operator to receive ISO 14001 certification for its environmental approach, and places great importance on helping subsidiaries reduce their environmental impact.

The Group's environmental policy is founded on two types of commitments:


  • compliance with environmental and contractual regulations and requirements
  • prevention of pollution
  • continuous improvement


  • optimisation of energy consumption
  • improvement of waste management
  • reduction in the consumption of drinking water for industrial uses.

Respecting fair practices

Keolis pursues strict compliance with business ethics, and aligns its practices with the highest standards. The Group has developed an ethics and compliance programme with a clear set of rules and principles that are applicable every day. The programme is implemented across all countries, via numerous awareness-raising and training initiatives; helping employees address the risks they may face in their work and adopt the “right attitude” within the scope of their particular responsibilities..

The three focuses of the Group’s ethics and compliance programme:

  1. Strict respect of free and fair competition
  2. Prevention of corruption and fraud
  3. Protection of personal data

Fostering diversity

Keolis is dedicated to diversity and inclusion. The Group strives to ensure a fair working environment in which all employees feel listened to and supported, motivating them to give their very best. For the last ten years, Keolis has undertaken initiatives to promote professional equality between men and women, to achieve gender diversity across all business lines, and to improve women’s access to management positions. Keolis S.A. holds the Equality Label since 2010, and in 2016 the Group received the GEEIS label (Gender Equality European and International Standard).

Working in local communities

Keolis is more than just a transport operator. Each subsidiary contributes to the economic, educational and cultural development of local communities. This commitment takes many forms, and includes working with local and socially responsible suppliers, employing people from disadvantaged backgrounds, school visits, and partnerships with cultural organisations.

Corporate social responsibility is composed of different topics, and involves several business units. The Group Executive Committee meets regularly to discuss developments and make structural decisions. The publication of results coincides with the annual renewal (since 2004) of our commitment to the principles of the UN Global Compact.


Anne-Blandine Dassencourt, Deputy Director, Health, Safety & Environment