Customer satisfaction

Satisfying all customers, old and new
In order to meet the expectations of its clients, public transport authorities, Keolis places passengers at the heart of everything it does. From network design and service offerings, to customer experience and customer relations, the Group's efforts all focus on one common goal: making public transport increasingly attractive.

Customers at the heart of service design

Customer satisfaction depends primarily on the alignment of mobility solutions with citizens’ expectations, as well as with regional progress and development. To meet these needs, Keolis draws on its expertise in service design, founded on a strong understanding of the customer. Prioritising lines, multimodality, frequency and timetables, eco-mobility, ticket pricing, signage, passenger information... Keolis uses a multitude of means to provide passengers with efficient solutions that foster customer loyalty.

« Thinking like a passenger »

This organisational philosophy has one fundamental objective: to move beyond a collective transport approach to one of tailor-made mobility.

Providing the best customer journey

Satisfying passengers means providing them with the best possible customer experience- making their journey pleasant and easy, in both normal circumstances and during disruptions. Keolis does this by offering door-to-door mobility solutions, simplifying connections, providing easy to understand customer information, and ensuring passenger comfort on board all its vehicles.

Service for the benefit of our customers

Public transport is a service industry, and operators need to provide the best possible level of customer service. Keolis achieves this by constantly training its drivers and customer-facing teams to welcome and take care of passengers. The Group also provides a wide range of tools and communication channels to inform passengers and gather their feedback.


A customer-focused culture

At Keolis, customer satisfaction is everyone's business, regardless of their position within the organisation. All employees are encouraged to participate in a range of customer awareness initiatives (for example, meeting and accompanying passengers on their journey in order to appreciate their needs). This helps employees better understand passenger expectations and promotes strategic decisions to increase customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction always top of mind

In its quest to constantly satisfy passengers...

  • Keolis attracts new customers and retains existing ones. The result is more revenue to invest in its services, which generates even more customer satisfaction.
  • Keolis meets the expectations of local public transport authorities by reducing urban congestion and the use of cars, protecting the environment and improving quality of life for citizens.