Employee engagement

Public transport is a service industry, and customer satisfaction depends primarily on the men and women who design, manage, and operate our networks. That’s why Keolis places great importance on employee engagement, rallying the workforce around the values of a strong brand; placing them at the heart of its approach to corporate social responsibility; and providing them with diverse opportunities for career development.

Proud to be part of a strong brand


A Group that respects and cares for its employees

Employee engagement is one of the four pillars of Keolis’ corporate social responsibility initiative and is reflected in the Group’s own commitments towards its workforce. Keolis respects the principles of the UN Global Compact, Human Rights, and International Labour Standards and carries out numerous activities to promote diversity, equality and inclusion. Fairness, transparency, and fostering of individual skills form the cornerstone of the Group's HR processes.

Career development opportunities for all

Employees who join Keolis are investing in their future, becoming part of a Group whose human resources policy is founded on sustainable, long-term job prospects. Keolis offers all employees the opportunity to play an active role in their career development, thanks to a comprehensive training system and the facilitation of internal, functional and geographical mobility.


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73 %
of Group employees (41,000 people) received professional development training in 2015.

icone transports

of managers are promoted each year.

Well-being at work

Keolis places great importance on the quality of employee working conditions. The Group ensures working environments comply with rigorous standards (ergonomic workstations, accessible office spaces...) and encourages discussion and conviviality between colleagues. Particular attention is paid to anticipating and managing the impact on employees of the Group’s projects and development.

First engagement survey

In 2020 we carried out our first global engagement survey, garnering nearly 20,000 responses from 52,000 employees. In addition to measuring their engagement, their expectations of management and quality of work, this new survey has informed Keolis’ actions across its worldwide operations to enhance employee wellbeing and loyalty.