Keolife, continuous improvement in motion

Keolife was designed and implemented to structure the Group’s strategy of continuous improvement. Based on proven fundamentals, Keolife provides a shared framework for all Keolis’ subsidiaries to improve their performance for the benefit of passengers and public transport authorities alike.

Keolife: our continuous improvement approach

Deployed in each of Keolis’ 300 subsidiaries – irrespective of transport mode, size or country of implementation – the KeoLife continuous improvement programme is built around seven workstreams. Each workstream is divided into several focus areas, with a set of shared standards and KPIs defined by the Group’s business areas. Self-assessment tools enable each subsidiary to gauge how well it’s doing and identify its strengths and avenues for improvement, in line with its performance and the local business environment. KeoLife provides the framework for each subsidiary to structure its approach, build specific action plans and track its own progress.

The Konformité programme 

In 2013, we added a business ethics component to KeoLife. Known as Konformité, this programme covers three fields of action: strict adherence to free and fair competition, prevention of corruption and fraud and protection of personal data. Whether dealing with customers, suppliers and service providers or all stakeholders, the programme uses simple and practical terms to describe right and wrong types of behaviour, both according to the law and by the Group's ethical business standards.

In 2017, we reinforced our system to fight corruption with a dedicated code of conduct and a professional whistleblowing system.

A collaborative approach that reflects our ‘One Keolis’ vision  

Reflecting our One Keolis vision, KeoLife builds on a collaborative approach that encourages all subsidiaries to share best practices and draw inspiration from each other’s successful experiences to develop their own action plans. For example, the visualisation room, initially created by Yarra Trams in Australia, was adopted in 2015 by our Nottingham subsidiary (UK) and has since been duplicated by several subsidiaries, such as in Angers, Valence and Boston.

As proof of its success, the KeoLife programme, launched in 2013, is now an integral part of how we operate. Keolis UK uses the seven Keolife workstreams to structure its reporting, and many other subsidiaries use it as a performance tool which they share with their public transport authority.