Partnering with Public Transport Authorities

Strong relationships based on trust and ongoing dialogue
Keolis forges relationships built on mutual trust, listening, dialogue and transparency with each of its public transport authority partners. These long-term links enable the Group to help its clients address the specific needs of their jurisdiction. The key objective: collaboratively create tailor-made solutions to better satisfy local communities.

At the heart of local communities

For Keolis, the operation of a public transport network is much more than just moving passengers from A to B. It’s about playing a key part in the lives of local communities. Understanding local concerns and actively putting forward proposals are key to better serving regional development and projects. This is only possible through the creation of close partnerships with each transport authority, enabling both parties to adopt and embrace a common vision of mobility.

icone transports

The number of public transport authorities Keolis is partnered with worldwide

Always there to listen and discuss

Listening forms the foundation of Keolis’ vision of partnership. By understanding the challenges faced by elected representatives and regional experts, each subsidiary can develop new solutions adapted to changes in the community and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. Direct, transparent dialogue means subsidiaries are able to react quickly to anticipate events that could impact the network or affect customer satisfaction.

Optimal use of assets and resources

In today’s context of restricted public finances, Keolis meets the requirements of each public transport authority by offering quality services that minimise costs. This approach is strengthened by the Group's ability to use proven techniques in maintenance and operations, and to adapt to diverse regulatory and contractual frameworks: Public Service Delegations, Public Private Partnerships, joint ventures, franchises...

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Economic performance

Strong partnerships with transport authorities are Keolis' trademark and what helps us stand out from the competition. It makes us fully-fledged participants in the lives of local communities.


Anne Lieure, Keolis Director of Institutional Relations Director of Public Affairs