Safety first, in all our operations, at all times
Safety is imperative when you’re responsible for the mobility of people. The safety of passengers, employees, and partners is the cornerstone of the Group's continuous improvement programme, and its top priority. Keolis’ structured and systematic approach to improving safety has one ultimate goal: zero accidents.

A common approach, across the globe

Keolis’ approach is based on the 10 strategic focuses of the Group's safety policy. These core topics are illustrated through 69 practical examples of safety management. These guidelines form the basis of each subsidiary’s safety action plan. Each local network is responsible for locally implementing the policy and encouraging constant improvement to achieve excellence across all areas of the business.

A safety network

Keolis’ Safety Management team leads the safety approach worldwide, and oversees a network of representatives across all subsidiaries. This community of coordinators facilitates the sharing of best-practice and lessons learned within the Group, ensuring accident prevention and providing real added value.


Action plans in all subsidiaries

Optimal safety can only be achieved through constant, concrete actions on a local level. It depends not only on local subsidiary managers and safety supervisors, but also on the commitment of all employees and partners. The development of a safety culture is crucial, and forms another important aspect of the Group's strategy.

All subsidiaries performed an audit in 2014 to assess their level of maturity in the implementation of the safety framework. This self-evaluation is repeated every year, helping subsidiaries establish specific improvement plans for their local safety management systems.

A pragmatic approach

Keolis' approach is based on an assessment of the local context and the identification of risks. Regular on-site visits and audits are conducted, and any incident or dangerous situation is systematically investigated. All local management meetings begin with a 'safety moment', in order to highlight any recent incidents and check that measures are in place to prevent similar events in future.

Training employees and raising passenger awareness

From maintenance operators, to bus or tram drivers, all employees receive safety training.

And because passengers, pedestrians and motorists also have their part to play in improving safety, Keolis carries out many communication campaigns targeting these audiences.

Yarra Trams rhino safety campaign

A tram weighs as much as 30 rhinos. Since 2011 Yarra Trams has used a rhino safety campaign to warn Melbourne citizens about the risks of travelling on and around trams.

Safety depends primarily on the skills and knowledge of our employees. Our key challenge is to maintain this competence at the highest possible level.


Thierry Guinard, Safety and Environment Director, Keolis Group

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- 4 %
In 2015, the frequency and severity of road accidents fell by 4% and 34% respectively, across all of Keolis' networks in France.