Passenger solutions

Innovative passenger solutions that encourage preferred use of public transport
Today, passenger profiles are extremely diverse and customers expect increasingly accurate information to personalise their journeys. Keolis is re-inventing mobility to address these transformations and keep abreast of digital developments. PlanBookTicket (the only mobile application in France which allows passengers to manage all steps of their journey using a smartphone) is just one of the innovative mobility solutions the Group deploys to foster passenger loyalty and attract new customers.

PlanBookTicket, the Keolis application revolutionising the journey experience

Keolis has developed a multi-device services and solutions offer (running on smartphones, websites, and tablets) to address the three crucial moments of a passenger’s daily journey in one single application: itinerary planning (Plan); purchasing a ticket (Book); and validating it (Ticket). For the first time in France, these three features are accessible in just a few clicks on all smartphones.

  • Plan: Mobility Companion

    This industrial application allows passengers to plan and optimise their journey according to personal profile and criteria, such as traveling with a pushchair, a suitcase, or in heels. Customers can plan itineraries incorporating all transport modes (bus, tram, metro, cycling, walking), access schedules and service updates in real-time, and receive notifications and alternative route suggestions in the event of service disruption.

  • Book: purchasing online

    Passengers can purchase tickets via web and mobile for all transport modes. A full range of fares is available (travel passes , single tickets, books of tickets, etc.), and payment can be made in just a few simple clicks. 

  • Ticket: validation

    PlanBookTicket is a 100% digital customer experience, from A to Z. Thanks to a virtual ticket management solution for smartphones, passengers no longer need to visit a ticket agency, counter, or automatic distributor.
    To address the usage habits of all its passengers, Keolis combines two major technologies available on the French market (NFC and 2D barcodes), in a single application, compatible with all smartphones.

PlanBookTicket was launched in October 2015, and has already been taken-up by a dozen local authorities in France, including Montargis, Lille, Lens, Orléans, Brest, Bordeaux, and Amiens.

NAViTiA: powering Keolis’ passenger information systems

Kisio Digital’s NAViTiA system is more than just a journey planner. It’s a data hub, gathering vital information in areas such as route calculation, networks, connections, service offerings, timetables, and disruptions. NAViTiA is a veritable toolbox of passenger information, aggregating data before it is made available as services. The system is highly modular, and can be integrated into any type of application or media to broadcast comprehensive real-time information to passengers: websites, mobile apps, on-board or platform information screens, voice servers, SMS or email alerts, and many more. 

Kisio Digital: Keolis’ ‘digital factory’

Kisio Digital is the digital hub of Kisio, the Group’s Solutions and Services subsidiary, and the developer of NAViTiA and PlanBookTicket. Kisio Digital unites more than 110 digital and connected mobility experts around a common goal: ‘responsive locomotion’ (an analogy to responsive web design). The subsidiary is dedicated to imagining flexible, customised mobility solutions, capable of adapting to all passenger profiles. 

A collaborative approach to digital innovation

Keolis is committed to using digital technologies to constantly enhance the passenger experience. To help achieve this ambition, the Group has developed a partnership eco-system with leading industry experts, as well as with innovative start-ups. 

  • The Group collaborated with, the French e-commerce leader, to develop a powerful web and mobile purchasing solution for all types of ticket.  
  • The Group proposes a competitive Mobile-ticket (M-ticket) tool for all cities, regardless of size. Tried and tested solutions, designed by two different partners, means passengers can benefit from a virtual ticket management solution on their smartphone:. 
  • For NFC-enabled phones, Keolis has chosen to deliver U'GO, an NFC M-Ticket solution deployed on the Strasbourg network by CTS, the city’s transport authority.
  • For phones compatible with 2D barcode technology, Keolis has partnered with Masabi. This English company and the world leader in ‘mobile ticketing’ (paperless ticketing for smartphones) for public transport systems, has already deployed its solutions in cities such as London and Athens.

Keolis’ partnerships with French and international start-ups play a key role in helping the Group accelerate innovation and offer new services to passengers. .

A connected workforce

Smartphones for drivers and controllers, tablets for maintenance or quality control employees: the Group exploits the full potential of digital technologies to optimise network operations and increase efficiency. In Boston, for example, Keolis has equipped over 400 train drivers with iPhones to provide passengers with real-time information on schedules, traffic, or service disruptions.