Customer journey

Customer experience: central to all our solutions
Collective transport for every individual. Keolis’ vision of public transport means providing high quality services, adapted to the needs and expectations of each citizen. To bring this vision to life every day, the Group adopts a unique approach to urban mobility, founded on customer experience. And commits to optimising this experience at all times, and in all circumstances.

A closer look at customer experience

Keolis takes the entire customer journey into account to provide passengers with an overall positive experience, not just the part where they travel on the network. The journey planning phase, ticket purchase, and after-sales service are all essential factors the Group considers when assessing its performance. For example, this approach also looks at familiarisation with a network before travelling, as well as alternative transport options, such as walking, renting a bike-share bicycle, or car parking.

Riding the network with passengers

Keolis has developed a unique approach to journey analysis to better understand the difficulties passengers encounter in the mobility chain. Employees follow a highly structured method, accompanying customers with different profiles throughout their entire journey in the public transport. The goal is to better understand passengers’ experiences, feelings, and expectations

Providing assistance, in all circumstances

Everyone needs assistance at some point, for reassurance, directions, timetable or ticket information...  Keolis responds to this need via innovative digital applications such as PlanBookTicket. And because many passengers prefer face-to-face contact, the Group places great importance on the presence of its on-site teams, as well as on the quality of customer contact with drivers and station staff.

Satisfying customers in all types of situation

Providing quality customer experience means efficiently handling service disruptions. If these stressful moments are not dealt with appropriately, passengers often switch to other transport modes. In order to avoid this, Keolis is particularly attentive to the management of service disruptions.

In the French city of Tours, a fire under a bridge stopped tram traffic for several weeks. From 5am on the day following the fire, Keolis set up a replacement bus service. Drivers, and 11 customer service agents, were deployed to inform, assist, and reassure passengers. 93% of customers were satisfied with the measures put in place.

Yarra Trams disruption management

Yarra Trams operates the largest tram network in the world. 80% of tram network is on shared roads. Traffic incidents occur on a daily basis across Melbourne, which impacts our services. In video, this is how Yarra Trams manages disruptions across its network.