Customer knowledge

Understanding passengers to meet their needs
Keolis has developed extensive customer knowledge to better address citizens' expectations about public transport.

Looking at things from a customer perspective

Lifestyles, travel habits, diverse passenger profiles and expectations at different moments of a journey, service quality, accessibility and barriers to using public transport ... These are just a few of the topics the Group investigates. Understanding passengers in all their diversity, including those who prefer to use their car, is key to Keolis’ ambition to develop a service offering designed for passengers, with passengers.

A broader view of mobility today… and tomorrow

Over the last few decades, major developments have transformed the way we live, and today each region faces its own specific challenges in terms of mobility. Since 2007, Keoscopie, Keolis’ mobility trends observatory, has provided the Group with a unique tool to decipher socio-demographic changes and their impact on mobility. The digital revolution has accelerated this change, and in 2015 Keolis partnered with Netexplo to launch the first international observatory of digital trends (lien vers Observatoire des mobilités digitales) to imagine mobility tomorrow.

An in-depth focus on passengers

Keolis strives to satisfy the diverse expectations of all its passengers and employs various study methods to propose solutions tailored to their needs:

  • Qualitative : group meetings, individual interviews, observations, workshops ...
  • Quantitatives : analysis of ticket data, telephone surveys, in-field service tests, observatories...

icone transports

4 000
The number of customer interviews conducted in Bordeaux during the tender won by Keolis in 2009 for the management of the urban transport network.