Marketing and communication

Strong brands for high-performance networks
For Keolis, a network brand is much more than just a name, a logo, or a colour. It's an emotional experience, reflecting the expertise behind the Group's “Thinking like a passenger” philosophy, to help retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Passenger-focused brands

In line with the Group value « we care » the messages of each network go beyond a purely functional role, to address passengers’ real concerns. Excessive transport industry jargon is avoided, and the emphasis is placed on making passengers’ daily lives easier and providing the support they need during their journeys. Regardless of the channels used (advertising, website, mobile applications, customer-facing staff, brochures...), Keolis highlights its promise of bringing each passenger a personalised mobility experience, adapted to their individual needs and expectations.. 

Llamas always validate their ticket

Communicating effectively with passengers means finding the right way to approach a subject. In Bordeaux,Keolis used humour to increase passengers’ awareness of fare evasion. The communication campaign took advantage of the unusual story of a circus llama which travelled on a tram in Bordeaux, depicting him validating his ticket. 

Promoting our transport solutions

Local communications and marketing expertise means each Keolis subsidiary can develop its network brand, strengthening passenger understanding of all the transport services offered, across the region. 

Accurately representing the region

A public transport brand is one of the most representative and emblematic aspects of a region. Keolis works in close partnership with local transport authorities to ensure the brand – regardless if it the Group’s property or not - reflects the region’s identity, attractiveness, and dynamism.  

Ready, steady, tramway !

In Dijon, Keolis took advantage of the tram launch to rebrand the entire Divia network. New livery was installed on all vehicles, shelters, and passenger information systems. The result was a more visible, attractive, and easily understandable urban transport offering and network. 

Keolis as a regional partner

Keolis commits to supporting and promoting regional activities, projects, or events, via partnerships or communication campaigns.