Innovation for transport solutions

Éric Chareyron (Keolis) and Bernard Cathelat (Netexplo) : sharing perspectives on innovation to serve mobility
Two-way interview with Éric Chareyron, director of forecasting, mobility and lifestyles at Keolis and Bernard Cathelat, sociologist and member of the Netexplo network.

What brought Keolis and Netexplo together around digital technologies ?

E. Chareyron : What brought the two teams together was a shared conviction: by putting city-dwellers at the heart of our concern, we can build innovative solutions. The other idea is that digital technologies create collaboration and transform citizens into ambassadors to help travelers, particularly people just passing through, to get around more easily.

B. Cathelat : What brought us together is the obsession with providing a service to city-dwellers. In its approach, Keolis goes well beyond its role as a transport provider and adopts a genuine multimodal vision to serve its users, but also the motorists or pedestrians that we all are.

What can digital technologies bring to mobility ?

E. Chareyron : First, digital technologies contribute a huge capacity for exploiting data - from ticketing, for instance - to understand where passengers come from, how often they travel and how they move around. Secondly, these technologies will enable us to meet the needs of city-dwellers in all their diversity, whether they're geeks or people who don't yet use digital technologies.
B. Cathelat : What's interesting about digital technologies is the use city-dwellers will make of them. It's not the technology in itself that is the main point – it's adaptation of a digital technology, for instance, to users, its ergonomics and ease of use, the end-service it can provide to improve the everyday life of city-dwellers. Take Volvo, for example, which diverted the Shazam app to diagnose engine malfunctions.