The biggest driver of customer perception is operational performance
Our customer centric operations are founded on superior service delivery, reliability, technology and the ability to continuously innovate towards seamless end-to-end passenger services. Keolis’ leadership in network operations is based on unique, tried and tested know-how, developed through the operation of integrated networks.

Fully exploiting system potential

Keolis has acquired strong experience in managing bus and rail operations in densely populated and restricted environments. Making optimal use of existing assets and fully exploiting system potential are part of our key skills:

  • We build robust and resilient timetables capable of recovering the slightest delays with minimal impact on service performance
  • We maximise the capacity of lines through optimising the commercial speed of vehicles, maximising vehicle availability and increasing service frequency during peak hours
  • We optimise passenger services by ensuring we use carriages and signalling equipment to their full capacity
  • We know how to make the most of Automatic Train Supervision systems or signalling systems to optimise the alignment between capacity and demand in a robust but fully customised way
  • We collaborate actively with public transport authorities and cities to encourage journeys outside peak hours and spread out peak hour demand (eg. reorganisation of university timetables in Rennes, France)

Smoother passenger flows

Keeping passenger flows moving at all times, especially during peak hours or special events, is key to delivering safe, regular and on-time services.

We commit to managing critical points of the network and deal with large passenger flows in the most efficient way through:

  • Proactive deployment of visible front-line assistants at most crowded points of the network to guide passengers during rush hours
  • Robust disruption recovery processes and agile structures to minimise customer inconvenience and restore normal services with minimal delay
  • Real-time communication with passengers to ease flows and guide passengers especially in the event of special events or disruptions
  • Optimal use of smart ticketing and mobile apps to facilitate passenger access to transport services and minimise their journey time

Deliver customer focused operations

At Keolis, our customers are at the heart of our operational philosophy of Think Like a Passenger. Everyone in our organisation has a responsibility to deliver exemplary services that prioritise the customer experience and customer satisfaction. We take into account the passenger’s perspective when choosing operational systems and processes.

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Customer satisfaction

We commit to delivering customer centric operations through:

  • Focusing on the needs of our passengers when scheduling our train services and the regular review of our train timetables to ensure that our services are convenient for passengers.
  • Encouraging and prioritising feedback from our customers and the use of this critical information to improve services
  • Providing updated, fit for purpose and consistent information across all communication channels in the event of a disruption
  • Managing incidents with the customer front of mind at all levels of the organisation
  • Offering alternative services to minimise the impact of any incidents on our passengers
  • Working proactively with transport authorities and other stakeholders to improve connections with other transport modes

Our successful Docklands Light Rail Ambassador initiative has seen the deployment of network ‘ambassadors’ who have been trained in ethnic and cultural diversity, to assist in building customer familiarity with the network, improve customer understanding of ticket options and increasing patronage. To facilitate real-time advice and feedback we use social media including Twitter and Facebook to stay connected with our passengers.