Substainable Mobility : solutions by Keolis

Keolis Group proposes solutions in partnership with Public Transport Authorities to make public transport more attractive and environmentally friendly.

Six concrete solutions for the environment

1. Make Public Transport an Attractive Commuting Solution

Public transport makes an effective contribution to the fight against global warming. In France, road-based public transport emits 156g of CO2 / per versus 207 for the car. The challenge is to continuously enhance its attractiveness and encourage people to leave their cars at home. In Blois, for instance, public transport uptake increased by 21% between 2012 and 2014.

2. Encourage the Growth of New Mobility Solutions

16,000 self-service bikes, carpooling and car-sharing solutions, upgrading pedestrian routes ... Keolis is also working on these shared, active modes of transport, which have a key role to play in reducing gas greenhouse emissions.

3. Make Public Transport Even More Environmentally Friendly

Keolis is a pioneer in the field of sustainable mobility, using 16% renewable energy and 17% mixed fuels in its worldwide operations.
Other innovative approaches include brake energy recovery and eco-driving systems (installed in 5,500 vehicles in 2016).

4. Make our Expertise Available to Public Transport Authorities

Do more with less. Keolis offers its services as a true partner to the transport authorities, enabling them to meet their budget and environmental challenges. In 2014, Keolis provided training in intermodal network planning for six Abu Dhabi Transport Authority representatives in Lyon and Düsseldorf.

5. Respond to All Mobility Requirements

Keolis believes that mobility can only be sustainable if it benefits everyone. This involves organising intercity transport systems (for the 75 departments in France, and networks in Belgium, Canada, Australia, etc.) that can open up the regions. It also involves guaranteeing access for vulnerable people: Keolis is the leading transporter of people with reduced mobility in France.

6. Lead by example

Optimising energy consumption, improving waste management and reducing drinking water consumption ... Over the last 15 years the Keolis Group has been working to continuously improve its environmental performance. Some 73 Keolis sites are ISO