Corporate Governance

Keolis’ governance and development is ensured through close cooperation between its three governing bodies: the Supervisory Board, the Executive Committee and the Executive Leadership Team.

Guide for Ethical Business Conduct

The Keolis Group, consisting of all Keolis subsidiaries and affiliates, including Keomotion and EFFIA, bases its structure and operations on the values outlined in our Guide for Ethical Business Conduct.

A stable and supportive Supervisory Board

The nine members of Keolis’ Supervisory Board collectively represent shareholders. Their mission is to act in the Group’s interests at all times. The Board works in close collaboration with management, and its objectivity and vigilance in relation to the Group’s affairs is a precious asset in guiding Keolis’ strategy, and bringing valuable insights to daily operations.

Supervisory Board Members

  • Jérôme TOLOT, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Patrick BASTIEN, Director of Infrastructure, CDPQ
  • Alain KRAKOVITCH, Managing Director SNCF Voyages
  • Robin Lutz, Infrastructure Investments Director, Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ)
  • Sylvia METAYER, Chief Growth Officer, Sodexo
  • Normand PROVOST, Board Director
  • Claudia SCHLOSSBERGER, Board Director
  • Laurent TREVISANI, Deputy CEO Financial Strategy, SNCF Group
  • Nathalie WRIGHT, Digital and IT Transformation Director, Rexel Group

Two bodies in charge of steering and coordination

The Group's development and the implementation of its continuous improvement approach are the result of strategic impulse from its two steering and advisory bodies: the Executive Committee and the Executive Leadership Team.


Members of the Executive Committee

Marie-Ange Debon

Chairwoman and Group Chief Executive Officer

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Frédéric BAVEREZ

Chief Executive Officer France and Chairman of EFFIA

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Bernard TABARY

Chief Executive Officer International

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Christelle VILLADARY

Group Chief Financial Officer

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Clément MICHEL

Group Director Human Ressources and Transformation

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Annelise AVRIL

Group Director Marketing, Innovation and New Mobilities

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Group Deputy Director International

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Frédérique RAOULT

Group Director Communications

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Group Director Industrial Division

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Members of the Management Committee


International Regional Director, Australia & New Zealand

Alistair GORDON

International Regional Director, United Kingdom

Jan Kilström

CEO of Keolis Sweden


International Regional Director, BeNeLux

David Scorey

CEO Keolis North America


Deputy CEO, French regions


Deputy CEO, Greater Paris Region

Laurence EYMIEU

Managing Director, Keolis LYON

Laurent Verschelde

Deputy CEO, French Regions