Bruno Danet


Born in 1964, Bruno Danet is a graduate of the ESLSCA business school in Paris. He joined the Keolis Group in 1990. Successively internal auditor and head of management control for the Lyon network (1990 - 1998), he then managed the Alès (in the Occitanie region southern France) urban network until 2001. 

From 2002 to 2007, he was General Secretary of the Rennes network and, in this capacity, helped to launch the city's first automatic metro line (2002) and to renew the Public Service Delegation contract between Keolis and Rennes Métropole. 

At the end of 2007, he became Deputy Director South West where he successfully led Keolis' bid to operate the Bordeaux public transport network. After the awarding of this tender, Bruno Danet was appointed Managing Director of Keolis Bordeaux (2009 - 2012) with responsibility for implementing the new Bordeaux public transport network.

From 2013 to 2016, he was Deputy Managing Director in charge of the Grand Urbain (urban transport networks) branch within the general management team of Keolis France, with a seat on the Group's Management Committee. On 2 May 2016, he was appointed Director of Human Resources, with a seat on the Group's Executive Committee. Following the re-organisation of the Group, on 16 April 2018, Bruno Danet was appointed Executive Director Human Resources and Organisation.   

Bruno Danet was also appointed Chairman of the "Urban Transport Social Affairs" Committee of the UTP (Public Transport Trade Association) on 14 April 2016.