Kathleen Wantz-O’Rourke


Born in 1965, Kathleen Wantz-O'Rourke has both French and Australian nationalities. A graduate of the Université Paris Dauphine and the Institut de Haute Finance, she began her career with the Siemens group in 1984 in the Finance, Management Control and Internal Audit Department in Germany, and then in Australia and France. In 1999, Kathleen became Managing Director Finance and Business Administration of Siemens France before joining the group’s head office in Munich to lead its development strategy in Australia, Japan, Korea and China. From 2004 to 2010, she was General Manager Finance and Business Administration for Siemens Belgium, Luxembourg and West Africa, and then for Siemens France and South West Europe.

In 2012, she joined the Engie group as Director Group Action Plan and Performance until 2016 when she joined the Executive Committee of AKKA Technologies as Senior Vice-President Operations and Performance. Kathleen is also a director of the NEXANS group. 

On 3 April 2018, she joined the Keolis Executive Committee and became head of the Group’s new Executive Finance and Legal Department. As Executive Director Finance and Legal, she will manage the Group's financial and legal activities and its property and general services.

From the 1st November 2019 to the 31th of January, she has been acting as Executive Chairman of the Keolis Group until Jean-Pierre Farandou's successor was appointed, M. Patrick Jeantet.