A corporate purpose that encapsulates our social and environmental goals

Our corporate purpose reflects Keolis’ social and environmental objectives to serve the public interest and benefit all our stakeholders through four ambitious commitments.

Help build attractive and sustainable communities

by connecting places and strengthening ties among the residents who live there.
Our mobility solutions enable us to accompany public transport authorities in enhancing the vitality and appeal of their communities, and in creating local jobs. We make everyday life easier for residents and help strengthen the social fabric of the community.

Act responsibly for the planet

by firmly embedding Keolis’ commitment to the energy transition, the circular economy and the preservation of biodiversity in our strategic vision.
By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Keolis’ mobility solutions help combat climate change. Our fleets feature ever greater numbers of environmentally-friendly vehicles. We are also attentive to conserving natural resources and protecting biodiversity.

Developing skills for the workforce of the future

by attracting, retaining and supporting diverse talent and providing the right environment for a fulfilling and rewarding employee experience.
Our human resources policy actively promotes diversity and inclusion, which enrich our group. At Keolis, workplace health, safety and well-being are a top priority and a key lever for employee engagement. We offer our employees the means to upskill their know-how in order to ready them for the jobs of tomorrow.


Operate as a trusted and committed partner

by creating a value chain that benefits all stakeholders: engaging for our suppliers, inspiring to shareholders, and satisfying for customers.
We work hand-in-hand with customers to co-design and build mobility solutions that precisely fit their needs. Our aim is to create value for everyone by involving all stakeholders.