A corporate purpose that guides our actions and underpins our strategy

By setting out our corporate purpose, Keolis is highlighting the sense of our day-to-day activity and reiterating our commitment to addressing societal challenges.

Climate change and the social and economic challenges facing us today mean that companies must reinvent their business models to better balance growth targets with environmental and social responsibility objectives.

Explaining our role and place in society

Keolis’ ambition is to have a positive impact on society. Our strategy translates this ambition into responses and actions. Our high professional standards set us apart from the competition, enhance our reputation and strengthen our appeal as an employer.

Making and delivering on firm and shared commitments

Our corporate purpose is first and foremost a roadmap for guiding our decisions and actions. In order to create value for the company and for society and to benefit our stakeholders, our corporate purpose is intended to be:

  • + Engaging: setting out and sharing our commitments with our stakeholders.
  • + Transformative: pursing tangible actions to drive improvements for all stakeholders.
  • + Measurable: harnessing performance indicators to monitor and report on progress.