Keolis: a partner of innovation

Keolis actively engages in partnerships with French and International start-ups to help improve its business agility. The Group capitalises on the innovative potential of start-ups to co-develop mobility solutions and services that help increase the attractiveness of public transport. The objective of these partnerships is to create new solutions that continuously simplify travel and mobility, as well as, contribute to innovation and the local digital economy.


Through its partnership agreements, Keolis provides new solutions to passengers and public transport authorities in areas such as passenger apps, data mining and new mobilities. The start-ups are usually identified in networks operated by the Group, and prototypes are co-built with Keolis teams for initial deployment in their region of origin. Once these services and solutions have been successfully tried and tested locally, Keolis helps to extend them to other cities and networks operated by the Group, in France and abroad.

Bookbeo – Robotics-enhanced passenger information

Bookbeo is a Rennes-based start-up specialising in augmented reality. The company has been developing a robotics-enhanced passenger information solution for Keolis on Twitter since October 2014. Already operational in Rennes (@viteunbus) and Lyon (@TCLtrafic), the solution uses artificial intelligence to understand and analyse passenger requests posted on Twitter (including the ones with spelling mistakes). The answers are provided by a robot, eliminating the need for intervention by a community manager. Instantly, passengers can find out the time of the next bus at their current location or at another stop of their choice.

Connecthings – Interactive infrastructures  

Connecthings operates a global network of beacons (e.g. Bluetooth, NFC, QR Code and Wi-FI) deployed in public spaces, such as railway stations, airports, stadiums and shopping centres or on street furniture. Inert urban objects are thus transformed into connected, ‘smart’ interaction points, capable of communicating with the smartphones of locals and visitors alike. Connecthings solutions complement and reinforce the initiatives of the Keolis Group, aimed at developing a simple and coherent digital experience for passengers. These include our PlanBookTicket app and other mobile apps incorporating interactive NFC, QR code or Beacon technology. They provide the connection between passengers’ physical journeys (bus/tram stop information, etc.) and their digital itineraries. Keolis and Connecthings have been working together since May 2016.

Key figures:

  • In Strasbourg, Connecthings equips:
  • 1,400 bus and tram stops
  • 30 carshare terminals
  • More than 20 car parks (public car parks and park-and-ride facilities with tram connections) 

Masabi - Ticketing

Masabi is an English startup and world leader in M-Ticket technology (digital ticketing on your smartphone) for public transport. Masabi offers mobile ticketing and payment solutions to public transport operators to simplify the passenger experience and make it easier to access transport offers. The start-up’s M-Ticket solution in 2D barcode has been successfully tried and tested. It is already in place in underground networks in cities such as London, Athens and New York, as well as on the Boston commuter train network.
Keolis has partnered with Masabi to enable local French communities to benefit from the solution. The two companies have also decided to strengthen their partnership, with Keolis taking a minority stake in the company's capital.

Masabi's M-ticket solution was deployed in Montargis in February 2017 and in Orléans in June 2017) via Keolis' PlanBookTicket app.

Key figures:

  • 20 million users of the Masabi M-ticket solution
  • 7.5 million app downloads

Moovit – Route optimisation

The Israeli start-up Moovit has developed a real-time collaborative app for journey planning and passenger information. Deployed in 80 countries and more than 2,200 cities worldwide (including Paris, Angers, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nancy, Nantes, Rennes, Strasbourg and Toulouse), the app is updated in real-time by both transport operators and passenger communities.
The app is complementary to existing network applications, and allows occasional customers (tourists, for example) to use the same app, in their own language, that they use in their hometown while visiting another town. After a successful pilot project in Bordeaux, Keolis has partnered with Moovit and acquired a minority stake in the company. The Group is currently helping Moovit to deploy its services in other French towns.

Tripndrive – Carsharing for travellers

Tripndrive is a carsharing service for travellers. Keolis’ subsidiary EFFIA, France’s number two car parking operator, sets aside parking spaces in its car parks for this start-up.
Following successful initial deployment in all EFFIA car parks close to railway stations in Paris, Tripndrive extended its carsharing service in 2015 to eight new train stations, including Metz-Lorraine, Avignon and Lille-Flandres.

Navya – Autonomous mobility

In March 2016, Keolis established a partnership with Navya, the French manufacturer of electric driverless shuttles. 
These shuttles represent a key form of mobility in the medium to long term. The partnership will enable Keolis to operate future autonomous vehicle fleets and integrate this transport mode into the Group’s new transport offer.

Wheeliz – Car hire between private individuals 

Wheeliz is the leading French peer-to-peer rental website for wheelchair-adapted cars. Keolis and Wheeliz’ partnership brings additional new services to the Group’s TPMR (Transport for People with Reduced Mobility) solutions. New possibilities include: leaving the region for the weekend, going on holiday, providing a simple, accessible offer for tourists, as well the potential to absorb surplus requests when the TPMR service is saturated.
The partnership between Wheeliz and Keolis was created in 2016 and actively continues today. The Keolis Group entered into the start-up’s capital in 2017. 

Key figure:

  • Wheeliz has a potential fleet of 100,000 vehicles evenly distributed throughout France

Famoco - Mobile Ticketing   

Famoco, a French startup created in 2010 by Lionel Baraban and Nicolas Berbigier, is the leader in secure business terminals. Famoco provides assistance for companies’ digital transformation in four sectors: payment, mobile working, transport and identification. Today, the startup has a global presence with 70 employees in four offices: Paris, Brussels, New Delhi and Singapore. 
With Keolis, Famoco deploys terminals for reading and validating all kinds of digital tickets on a smartphone via barcodes or NFC technology, and validating travel cards.

Instant System – Optimising trips 

Keolis has also established a partnership with the rideshare service Instant System. The partnership allows Instant System’s solution to be integrated into Keolis’ applications, in particular its PlanBookTicket app. – Information platform for accessibility is a collaborative platform that lists accessible sites and identifies their level of accessibility. The platform, created in 2006, lists the various tourist and leisure sites around the world and identifies the measures in place to make them more accessible (ramps, lifts). is intended for all vulnerable population groups.

Worldline (ATOS) - open payment 

Worldline, a subsidiary of the group Atos, is the European leader in e-payment services. It has recently developed a new solution for the simultaneous purchase, distribution and validation of transport tickets in one simple process, by using the EMV (EuroCard-MasterCard-Visa) payment standard or via a smartphone app. This new payment method, known as open payment, allows for more reasonable ‘smart’ pricing based on real consumption, with passengers billed at the end of the month.
Since the launch of the pilot on 27 March 2018, Dijon, a network operated by Keolis, is the first city to use open payment for ticketing. 

Ivado - Smart Data

Keolis and the Institute for Data Valorisation (IVADO) signed a strategic partnership at the 2017 World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Montreal. The partnership is intended to help develop innovative urban mobility solutions through the use of smart data. IVADO is an industry and academic initiative focused on developing a new economy based on analysing smart data for decision makers. 

Cmabulle – Ridesharing for child transport

Cmabulle offers a free ridesharing solution for transporting children. In partnership with Keolis, Cmabulle is one of the winners of a call for new mobility projects launched by the companies Société du Grand Paris and Île-de-France Mobilités. Trials are being conducted at six stations of the Grand Paris Express. This free service is designed to make it easier to transport children to school and after-school activities through increased parental collaboration. 

Netexplo – Digital mobility observatory  

Netexplo is an independent observatory that studies the impact of digital tech on society and business. Created in 2007 by Martine Bidegain and Thierry Happe with the support of the Senate and the Ministry of SMEs, Innovation and the Digital Economy, the Netexplo Observatory has a unique approach to the study of digital society and the impact of innovation on all dimensions of society. The annual Netexplo Forum, held at the headquarters of UNESCO, showcases trends in global innovation; the Change conference analyses the way innovation is adopted by large companies; and the e-learning programme Netexplo Academy is an accelerator for the dissemination of digital culture. With Netexplo, Keolis has launched the first digital mobility observatory.

One Park – Online reservation of parking spaces

OnePark is an online platform for booking parking spaces. The service offers more than 1,000 parking spots in Europe, and guarantees 100% availability of the reserved space. Added to which, One Park offers preferential rates, allowing users to save money and time. The partnership takes the form of a majority stake held by Keolis in the company through its subsidiary EFFIA, as well as an industry partnership.

Teo Taxi – Taxi service

Teo Taxi operates 100% electric taxis that can be booked using the mobile app Teo. An ever-increasing fleet of taxis, likely to reach 350 vehicles in the coming months, is being deployed in the city of Montreal. The service stands out for its highly personalised approach and level of interaction with the user. Taxelco, the owner of the service, established a partnership with Orléans Express, Keolis Canada’s long-distance division, to facilitate user mobility by offering them this new service.  

Via - Transport on demand

Via technology offers a transport service on demand, based not on a system of rigid timetables and stops, but on dynamically optimised trips. Users of the app can therefore share their journey when making similar trips. It also holds a stake in the company.