Bordeaux, a champion in multimodality
Operated by Keolis since 2009, the success of TBM, the transport network of the Bordeaux metropole, is growing. Its performance is due to the community’s strong determination to develop shared mobility. And to the Group's expertise in managing multimodal networks in large regional areas.

TBM, the champion of intermodal networks

Keolis Bordeaux Métropole, which has been operating the TBM network on behalf of the city of Bordeaux since 2009, uses intermodality as the main driver for developing shared mobility in the Aquitaine capital. Tram, bus, the V3 bikeshare service, Bat3 river shuttles, carsharing, park & ride services, the Mobibus service for transporting people with reduced mobility…. TBM provides the city’s residents and occasional visitors with a wide choice of integrated transport modes that can be combined, thus encouraging them to reduce private car use. This strategy is in line with the transport organisation authority's desire to continually enhance the appeal of public transport in a city that has made quality of life a major priority in its development.

Constantly growing patronage

As the years go by, TBM beats record after record in terms of user numbers. In 2017, the number of trips increased 8.5%, exceeding the symbolic milestone of 150 million passenger journeys per year. Since Keolis Bordeaux began operating the network in 2009, the annual number of trips on trams and buses has grown by 58%. A growth dynamic that will continue in the years to come: upon renewing its public service delegation contract in 2015, the Group subsidiary committed to a target of 165 million trips in 2021.

Keolis Bordeaux Métropole and TBM in figures

580km2, 749,595 residents

million journeys in 2017

tram lines
(a fourth under construction)
  • 2,534 employees including 1,655 driver-fare collectors and 20% women
  • 2,200 available bikeshares, 174 stations, 2.58 million bikes borrowed in 2017        
  • 3 river shuttles (363,353 passengers in 2017, i.e. +13.2% compared with 2016)
  • 23 park-and-ride facilities, 5,772 parking spots, +5.2% attendance in 2017
  • 1 transport service for people with reduced mobility, 107,000 trips in  2017

Trams and Lianes: TBM’s winning ticket

The tram network and the 14 high-frequency lines or Lianes (Lignes à Niveau Élevé de Service), including the three Lianes+ (high-frequency bus services), account for 91% of travel. 

  • The tramway network alone accounts for two trips out of three, with 96.3 million journeys in 2017 (+12.1% on 2016). It’s the largest network in France with 58.9km of tracks
  • The 14 Lianes, which circulate from 5am to midnight, and until 1am on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, are the core lines of the network. They represent three bus trips out of four, with 38.4 million trips in 2017.

Recognised performance

Well done, TBM! With 90.9% of passengers ‘satisfied’ or ’very satisfied’ in 2017, the Bordeaux network has a very high satisfaction rate. Keolis Bordeaux Métropole also stands out for its commitment to the environment, quality and social responsibility, as illustrated by numerous certificates and labels: ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 9001 (quality of maintenance activities and organisation of revenue), NF Service (quality control and Mobibus), Label Egalité (gender equality), Diversity Charter.