A unique transport offer from Montreal to Quebec
Keolis Canada offers a large range of transport services in Quebec, distinguishing itself through its comprehensive management of the Orléans Express intercity transport network. It is the only Keolis subsidiary to be responsible for services covering the full length of its passenger offer and to have complete responsibility for any associated risks.

Orléans Express, managing the entire commercial offer

The Orléans Express network serves 35 destinations from Montreal to Percé, seven days a week, 365 days a year, over a network of 2,000km.

More than a transport operator, the Orléans Express network has government approval to be responsible for its entire commercial offer including station locations, prices and time-tables. This level of control allowed the intercity transport service in 2016 to introduce compulsory ticket reservations and variable ticket prices for its most popular route from Montreal to Quebec. These changes simplified operations and supported improved planning.

Rethinking the passenger experience

Orléans Express’ website features an easy to use ticket purchase functionality adapted to mobile technology. Customer service programmes have also been introduced to support positive relationships with passengers. For example, personalised emails are sent to registered passengers to mark significant events.

Moving towards smarter mobility

Keolis Canada places passengers at the heart of their service offer, developing made to measure solutions for all its clients, whether they are governments, local councils, businesses, schools, or community groups. It is able to offer the best in public transport by drawing on its continuous commitment to innovation. This enables Keolis Canada to support environmentally-friendly mobility (such as electric vehicles) and promote multimodal transport

The partnership between Orléans Express, Keolis Canada’s suburban division, and Téo Taxi, a taxi service with 100% electric vehicles, gives passengers the option of connecting from the coach to a taxi. This transport solution helps passengers in the final kilometres of their journey. A first in Canada, it is a clear example of how Keolis is acting to roll-out smart mobility.

A wide range of services

Modelled on the Navly service which commenced operating in September 2016 in Lyon, France, Keolis Canada is set to continue its move towards smarter mobility, with a trial of autonomous electric shuttles in the regional county municipality of Les Moulins. In collaboration with the manufacturer NAVYA, the plan aims to provide a new, more flexible and environmentally friendly mobility offer that complements existing transport services. The introduction of the autonomous shuttle will add to the electric vehicles already in service in the region.

Keolis Canada provides high quality, reliable and safe transport services and a broad transport offer covering:

  • Intercity services, including Orléans Express coach service

    - 49 coaches
    - 600,000 passengers per year

  • Urban services, including coaches used for groups and transport authorities in the Lanaudière region

    - 172 coaches
    - 6.9 million passengers per year

  • School services in the Lanaudière region

    - 152 vehicles
    - 3 million school students per year

  • Charter services, via Murray Hill, a Keolis Canada subsidiary specialising in coach hire for group travel, tourism tours and sporting competitions.

    - 3,600 group trips completed per year

  • Specialist services, with vehicles equipped with lifting platforms to facilitate travel for passengers using wheelchairs.
  • An airport shuttle service through its subsidiary, Skyport, transporting passengers and luggage to Montréal-Trudeau airport.
  • Light Rail services with the opening of the ION network in Waterloo, Ontario scheduled for 2018
  • Parcel delivery services with Expedibus, a coach operator for several of Quebec’s largest carriers.

    - 1 million parcels delivered each year
    - 200 delivery location across Quebec.

Keolis Canada Key figures

icone transports


icone transports

million passengers and almost one million parcels transported each year

icone transports


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