Record client satisfaction levels achieved by Keolis for DLR automated metro
Thanks to its "Thinking like a passenger" approach and extensive expertise in automated metros, Keolis was awarded the operating contract for the London Docklands Light Railway (DLR) in late 2014. The Group’s innovative action plan was instrumental in achieving and maintaining an outstanding level of operational performance and customer satisfaction since it began running the network.

Exceeding contractual objectives

A score of 88 customer satisfaction! That’s the result achieved in 2017 by KeolisAmey Docklands (KAD), the subsidiary in charge of operating London’s Docklands Light Railway automated metro line (DLR) since December 2014. The Group exceeded the customer satisfaction target set by Transport for London (TfL) by 3 points during its first year of operation and has continually delivered industry-leading levels of performance, with above 99% reliability whilst increasing capacity on the network as demand increases year on year.

A strategic line

The DLR serves east and south-east London via Docklands, the capital’s second financial district after the City. It is an essential part of the transport network managed by TfL, and key to meeting the metropolis’ Mass Transit needs. 115 million passengers travelled on the line in 2015, averaging 330,000 journeys per day. It is the busiest light railway in the UK and carried over 124 million passengers travelled in 2017, averaging 380,000 journeys per week day.

A "customer-centric" action plan

In the months preceding the start of operations, KeolisAmey Docklands capitalised on best practice and expertise from within the Group to optimise the organisation’s structure and processes. This resulted in the launch of the "Customer Service Plan". Sixteen operational projects were deployed simultaneously, with the common objective of continuously maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. The Customer Service Plan is updated each year, with new initiatives continually being planned and implemented.  KAD work in partnership with TfL to deliver the best customer experience in a safe and efficient manner.

We use all the expertise of the Group to share best practice, develop our people and work collaboratively with our PTA (TfL) to deliver Service Excellence Every Day.

Abdellah Chajai, Managing Director, KeolisAmey Docklands

Putting passengers and customer service first

Many of the actions of the “Customer Service Plan” were immediately visible to customers, such as the “Customer Action Team”. This mobile team of seven people greets passengers in stations during peak hours and provides information during service disruptions. In addition, 400 customer-facing employees have benefited from the "Thinking like a passenger” training module, designed to help them integrate Keolis’ customer service culture into their daily work. KeolisAmeyDocklands has been one of the pilot networks for Keolis Service Signature, a project that aims to define and deliver a unique service for each network. From various workshops with customers and staff, KeolisAmey Docklands has identified five promises to DLR customers that are being embedded across the business. This project is being deployed in parallel with several other customer and communities engagement activities on the network.


DLR and KeolisAmey Docklands in numbers

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trains in operation, maximum 80 km/hour

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of double track and 45 stations

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employees, incl. 275 Passenger Service Agents on board trains

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customer satisfaction in 2017

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