TCL, an international showcase for Keolis’ expertise
Every year, Keolis Lyon hosts delegation visits from Public Transport Authority and network operators from around the world. They come to discover TCL, the network Keolis operates on behalf of SYTRAL, as part of Europe’s largest Public Service Delegation. TCL is a key example of the Group’s expertise in reducing fare evasion, intermodal transport systems, and innovative solutions. Welcome aboard an exceptional intermodal network.

A champion in reducing fare evasion

Over the last 10 years, the rate of fare evasion on the TCL network has fallen from 18% to 10%, thanks to joint efforts by Keolis Lyon and SYTRAL, the  public transport authority. A range of innovative measures to reduce fare evasion have been deployed across the network: TCL was the first in France to introduce ticket checks by plain-clothes officers on board trams in 2013; Keolis Lyon gives potential fare evaders the opportunity to obtain a valid ticket by announcing ticket checks in advance on buses; and several times a year, the subsidiary conducts "Fraud is everyone's business" days, where TCL’s administrative staff are invited to join ticket officers to monitor metro entrances and encourage passengers to validate their tickets.

10 million euros
in revenue is lost each year as a result of fare evasion on the TCL network. That's the equivalent of purchasing 40 buses, 4 trams, or one metro train.
  • 250 ticket officers
  • 300 other employees authorised to check tickets
  • 6,500 cameras across the network

Communication is crucial in reducing fare evasion. We need to explain the impact fare evasion has on network development and remind passengers that ticketing options, adapted to all budgets, are available to help avoid fare evasion.


Audrey Hippert, Director of Bus Operations and Director of the Control and Intervention Department, Keolis Lyon

Superior multimodality

Lyon is the largest urban public transport network in France after Paris, transporting 1.7 million passengers every day. It’s also one of the most successful in terms of intermodality, with 5 tram lines, 4 metro lines, over 100 bus and trolley-bus lines, 2 cable car lines, as well as 9 multimodal hubs and 25 Park and Rides facilities (7,691 spaces). These complementary transport modes are designed with one objective in mind: enable passengers to make 90% of their journeys within greater Lyon with two or less transfers, thanks to TCL’s excellent network coverage.

An innovative and evolutionary network

As part of its close partnership with SYTRAL, Keolis is constantly adapting the network to cater for the city’s economic and demographic development. Restructuring all bus and trolleybus lines in 2011, extending one metro and three tram lines in 2013 and 2014, and new bus and tram lines serving the new Parc Olympique Lyonnais (Olympic Park) in early 2016 are just some examples of efforts to constantly enhance the attractiveness of the network. TCL also anticipates the challenges of tomorrow: Keolis Lyon and SYTRAL are forerunners in the use of electric-powered vehicles (70% of journeys), and are constantly testing new solutions to reduce the environmental impact of public transport. Hybrid buses and using tram braking energy to power lighting and metro escalators are just two of the network’s many novel initiatives.

Keolis Lyon "Recognised for Excellence" by EFQM

Keolis Lyon is the first French public transport network to be awarded "Recognised for Excellence" status by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). The subsidiary received 3 stars in July 2014 in recognition of its global approach to strategic activities.

SYTRAL is investing 150 million euros per year in the network to reduce the share of private car journeys loss than 40% by 2020.

TCL and Keolis Lyon in numbers

municipalities serviced, in an area of 1.3 million inhabitants

million daily trips (source TCL website)

4 500
  • 4 metro lines (including an automated line and a rack system), 77 trains, 2 cable car lines, 49 stations, 33 km of track
  • 130 bus lines (798 thermal buses and 131 trolley buses)
  • 5 tram lines, 73 trains, 80 stations, 48.3 km of track
  • Dedicated transport services for passengers with reduced mobility
  • 25 Park and Ride facilities

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