Keolis operates the world’s largest tram network in Melbourne
Keolis has held the contract to operate and maintain Melbourne’s tram network, known as Yarra Trams, since 2009 when it became the world leader in tramway operation. In partnership with Downer, the leading provider of integrated services in Australia and New Zealand with over 100 years' rail experience, Keolis took on a major challenge: to modernise the largest and one of the oldest tram networks in the world. Keolis Downer, the Group’s local subsidiary, fulfils the Group’s ongoing commitment to offer the best possible service to its passengers.

Complete modernisation

Melbourne's tram network, is over one hundred years old, and an icon of Australia’s second largest city. Tram are a key transport mode for the city’s 5 million inhabitants, with more than 200 million passenger trips each year. The network makes a valuable economic, social and environmental contribution to the city. Since 2009, Keolis Downer has leveraged its expertise in operating trams in Europe and local network development and maintenance to deliver an extensive modernisation plan in collaboration with Public Transport Victoria (PTV), the local transport authority. Highlights include the introduction of 80 modern trams, progressive implementation of additional services in the timetable, and the upgrade of depot, control centre and tram stop assets across the network.

A new high-tech, high capacity, depot

In April 2016, Keolis Downer completed a major redevelopment to create New Preston Depot. The project was the largest known redevelopment of a heritage site in Australia while it remained operational throughout. The depot is equipped with the latest in yard management technology, maintenance facilities and full-scale tram simulator for driver training.

Passengers at the heart of the network

Keolis has transformed passenger information in Melbourne since 2009. Passengers can receive live tram arrival predictions using the tramTRACKER® application on smartphones. Keolis Downer recommended, developed and implemented tramTRACKER screens at train stations to improve multi-modal connectivity. Public address speakers at tram stops allow information to be provided from the operations centre directly to passengers on the network. Keolis Downer strives to involve passengers in its policy of continuous improvement: regular ‘Meet the managers’ initiatives allow passengers to meet the subsidiary’s senior leadership team and share their opinions and suggestions.

Ensuring safety always comes first

Only 25% of Melbourne’s tram network is solely dedicated to trams. The majority of trams operated in mixed traffic, sharing road space with cars, lorries and bicycles. Many stops are located directly on the roadway, increasing the risk of safety incidents. In response, Keolis Downer undertakes numerous actions to ensure the safety of passengers, employees and other road users. In addition to ongoing driver training, the subsidiary has conducted several successful safety awareness campaigns: pedestrian collisions reduced by 27% in the 12 months following the ‘Beware the Rhino’ campaign, which has been successfully adopted by other Keolis networks around the world.

icone transports

stops, 24 lines, 9 depots

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million passenger trips each year

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trams in the fleet
  • More than 250km of double track
  • 300 km2 area, serving 3.5 million people, of which 680,000 million live within 400 metres of a stop
  • 2,200+ employees, including 1,200+ drivers

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