Keolis cycling solutions for sustainable cities
Cykleo is an active mobility operator. The Keolis subsidiary provides local transport authorities with cycle services that facilitate travel for city dwellers and help make cities more sustainable.

A comprehensive range of cycle solutions for the city

Over the past few years, cycling has emerged as a complementary and alternative means of getting around the city. Since 2007 Cykleo - Keolis’ dedicated active mobility subsidiary - has been supporting local authorities and businesses in eco-responsible initiatives to optimise citizens’ and employees’ mobility, via the implementation of tailor-made, turnkey cycling solutions:

  • Self-service cycle-sharing schemes: for short-term use and point-to-point travel, 24/7.
  • Short or long-term cycle rental: for customers who do not have, do not wish, or cannot afford to purchase a bicycle, or for tourist and seasonal customers.
  • Open-air or covered, secure cycle parking: an essential addition to bicycle policy development for short-term (weather-proof cycle parking) or long-term (protecting bicycles from vandalism and theft) needs.

icone transports

service bicycles, 520 stations, 10,400 terminals

icone transports

More than 50 million kilometres travelled by Cykleo's self-service cycle customers

icone transports

cycle parking spaces, including 3,300 secured spaces

“360° bicycle know-how”: unique expertise in accompanying local authorities in their cycling projects

Building on ten years of experience, Cykleo covers the full range of local authorities’ needs when setting up their projects (self-service bicycles, rental, parking, cycling networks, etc.):

  • Conception and design of cycling services
  • Preparatory implantation and infrastructure studies
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Offer deployment
  • End-user marketing and communication
  • Cycling and related infrastructures studies

Integrated and innovative services

Cykleo's cycling services complement other public transport modes, and are integrated into local authorities’ existing mobility offers as well as their ticketing and passenger information systems. Subscribers or occasional customers benefit from a variety of tools to simplify daily mobility: mobile app, Internet, bicycle terminals, etc.

In 2017, Cykleo will develop new active mobility services for urban areas and transport networks, but also for tourism professionals and businesses, as part of the drive to reduce individual car usage. These innovations will facilitate access to the cycle-share scheme, propose turnkey solutions for businesses, strengthen cycle parking infrastructure, expand the rental scheme and extend it to other modes of transport in order to make individual travel even more simple and attractive.