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EFFIA, dedicated to providing urban mobility solutions, and developing a multimodal approach to parking. Here’s a closer look at the leading role Keolis’ subsidiary plays in innovation, operational excellence and customer relations

Parking, an essential link in the mobility chain

Urban mobility solutions have changed considerably in recent years: local authorities are increasingly looking for alternatives to individual car journeys in order to reduce traffic jams and pollution. As such, parking lots are becoming more than simply a service for motorists: they are evolving into mobility and service platforms. EFFIA is at the centre of this evolution, and is fully integrating car parks into the mobility chain, in keeping with the vision of Keolis.

EFFIA, providing solutions to improve city life

EFFIA offers management solutions for on-street parking and all other parking types (underground, multi-level and enclosed parking lots, and Park and Ride facilities). In doing so it supports local authorities, cities, hospitals and private developers in their parking-related projects.  In addition to its primary role as operator (including designing, building, operating and renovating parking lots, preserving heritage sites and maintaining industry standards), EFFIA is providing alternative solutions to traditional car usage (carpooling, car sharing, bike racks, public transport connections, etc.). In designing future car parks and related services, EFFIA takes an open and collaborative approach to innovation, in partnership with start-ups.

EFFIA also works with local partners (theatres, restaurants, hotels, etc.) to increase the appeal of areas where it operates.

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Parking lots with more and more services Parking lots with more and more services

Putting customer satisfaction at the forefront of its operations, EFFIA offers a wide range of services that provide real added value to their individual or corporate clients. Ensuring that all car parks are secure and well sign-posted is a priority, as is regularly checking that equipment fully complies with all safety and accessibility standards.

Providing innovative, well-managed parking solutions is also central to EFFIA’s mission: car parks are optimised using route-mapping sites, and use geolocalisation to help motorists find available spaces and to simplify both the digital and physical processes.


In fact EFFIA is not just selling parking spaces to customers, but providing a whole range of value-added services. EFFIA offers customers around twenty practical services (pushchair hire, battery charger, tyre pumping etc.) as well as a service that takes their vehicle in to be washed and refilled with petrol, have the windscreen wipers changed, etc.) These services can be booked in advances on EFFIA website , and are designed to save time and make life easier for drivers who choose to use them.

EFFIA, pioneering connected mobility services with Resaplace

At a time when digital technology is creating an explosion of new parking services, EFFIA was a pioneer in online booking services in 2007 with Resaplace. Since then, EFFIA has become France’s leading digital parking services provider, with more than 120,000 spaces booked online per year.

Committed to providing excellent service and to protecting the environment

EFFIA takes an active role in supporting sustainable development: putting in place an energy-saving plan, managing waste, investing in recharge points for electrical etc. EFFIA’s ‘Ecosite’ label testifies to this commitment. Its ‘Qualisite’ label means that EFFIA also guarantees a homogenous quality of service across all its sites.

No.1 No.1 parking operator to have been ISO 9001 version 2000 certified across all of its operations

In keeping with the public service delegation culture at the heart of Keolis, EFFIA operates an open book policy, guaranteeing full transparency across all operations (with clear technical and financial information available in full), and establishing a relationship between operational teams and customers based on open dialogue and being responsive).