Keolis reinvents urban mobility with LeCab, private driver service (VTC) operator
LeCab, partner of the Keolis Group, is the leading French private hire taxi service with a customer base of 4,000 businesses and over 500,000 individual clients. Discover a start-up spearheading innovation in new urban mobility.

Private hire taxis at the heart of new urban transport uses

Today, usage-based services are becoming more and more widespread, and the French attitude towards the car is changing. Instead of owning a vehicle that remains unused 90% of the time, a growing number of citizens prefer to use a car, when they want, 365 days a year, seven days a week. This trend is reflected in the development of new uses of the automobile. Keolis supports these changes in mobility habits by providing car sharing and carpooling solutions to local transport authorities, and thanks to its partnership with LeCab the Group is also the French leader in private hire taxis.

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revenue growth in 2016

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Present in 22 French cities

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driver and 130 employees

A unique multi-service offer

LeCab is spearheading innovation in new urban mobility. The start-up is the only operator in the market to propose a multi-service offer:

  • high-end fleet of standardised vehicles (environmentally-friendly Peugeot 508 sedans)
  • low-cost service (miniCAB – starting from €5)
  • shared transport service (LeCab PLUS)
  • transport service for groups (LeCabVan)
  • on-demand delivery service (LeCabFlash)

Service quality at the heart of LeCab customer experience

LeCab tops customer satisfaction ratings in the private hire taxi market. And not by chance! For business or individual clients, taking a Cab means benefiting from a top-class service: availability and punctuality guaranteed, competitive rates with a fixed price determined in advance, immediate or advance multichannel booking (via LeCab mobile app, website or phone), a standardised fleet of high-end French sedans (Peugeot 508), and a multitude of on-board services (iPad, Internet, mobile recharge, music, magazines, videos for children), etc. Specially trained drivers adopt a smooth and "eco-friendly" driving style and are in contact 24/7 with LeCab controllers.


The preferred partner for businesses

LeCab is the leading private hire taxi company for business customers: 50% of the company’s activity is conducted with major clients such as Deutsche Bank, Bolloré Group, Axa, Havas Media Group, Marc Jacobs, Clarins, QVC or Twitter. LeCab also carries 80% of the top 10 Parisian law firms. This performance is founded on the exceptional quality of service provided:

  • priority requests
  • dedicated call centre (response within 5 seconds)
  • à la carte services: vehicles available for an hour, half a day, one day, etc.
  • special vehicles for seminars, receptions and group trips
  • end of month billing and payment with usage tracking, or on-board payment by cash/credit card, for example for hotels or restaurants who order cars for their clients.


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9,81 / 10
the average rating assigned to LeCab drivers by customers

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corporate customers

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individual customers