Customer experience

Enriching the passenger experience
Understanding passengers, in all their diversity, to provide them with a positive experience at each moment of their journey: that’s the ultimate goal of the Group’s Thinking like a passenger philosophy.

Listening to passengers

From service design and associated amenities, to customer relationship management, Keolis’ approach focuses on the needs of each individual, drawing inspiration from the mobility trends of passengers across the globe. This vision of public transport is based on ongoing analysis of real-life situations by Keoscopie, the Group’s mobility trends observatory.

Building the ideal urban network

The Group’s Neolis initiative is based on diagnosis tools and marketing surveys, meaning Keolis can provide local authorities with increasingly efficient transport solutions. Better adapted to the realities and issues of the local area, facilitating citizens’ mobility, and making public transport increasingly attractive.

Neolis in a nutshell

The Neolis approach optimises a region’s transport offering using a number of complementary strategies:

  • Prioritisation of lines and transport modes according to the density and development potential of different regional zones
  • Services to outlying residential and industrial areas
  • Adapted service timetables seven days a week, including evenings and during school holidays
  • Integration of all alternatives to private cars, promoting door-to-door solutions: car sharing, carpooling, cycling, walking etc.
  • Park & Ride facilities, car parks, signage, information, and multimodal ticketing options to facilitate integrated journeys and seamless connections between modes.

Taking customer diversity on board

Local residents or occasional customers, "digital natives", mono or multilingual populations... no two passengers are the same. And each individual’s mobility requirements also change according to the time and conditions of travel. Keolis takes this “hyper diversity” into account by facilitating contact between employees and passengers, and providing passengers with assistance and communication tools before, during, and after their journey: customer-facing teams on the network, call centres, email, social networks. These services are becoming more and more personalised, bringing passengers a new mobility experience and making their journeys more simple and intuitive.


A new digital travel experience

PlanBookTicket. The Group’s “all-in-one” smartphone application means passengers can plan their itinerary, receive real-time information, purchase or validate their ticket remotely, and manage any unforeseen events during their journey. This smart solution helps everyone easily manage their transport needs, based on their personal preferences.