Industrial expertise

Industrial expertise driving customer service and operational performance
The management and maintenance of complex safety systems, combined with a holistic vision of eco-mobility, means millions of Keolis passengers arrive safely and comfortably at their destination, every day.

Industrial ingenuity in public transport systems

Keolis is a recognised expert in heavy transport modes and complex transit systems.

Keolis is the global leader in automated metros, and launched the world’s first driverless metro network in Lille in 1983. Lyon, Rennes and London followed, and today Hyderabad is the latest city to benefit from the Group’s extensive experience. An elevated metro network will be inaugurated in the heart of the Indian megacity at the end of 2016, and will eventually total 70 km of track.

5 networks, 240 km of track, 925 million passengers per year

Keolis is the number one tram operator in the world, with ten networks launched in France and abroad. The Group was also chosen to take over operation of five networks, including the Melbourne tram network; one of the longest in the world, with more than 250 kilometres of track.

16 networks, 660 km of track, 660 million passengers per year

Keolis is a recognised expert in passenger rail, operating eight networks independently or via joint ventures. The Group manages the Govia Thameslink Railway franchise; the UK’s largest rail network, with 273 million passenger journeys made each year.

8 networks, 5,754 km of track, 630 million passengers per year

Keolis continues to be a major player in the bus and coach sector, its traditional area of expertise, with more than 23,000 vehicles in operation in urban and regional networks across three continents. The Group’s capacity to optimise integration of bus and coach services with other transport modes means passengers benefit from a fully intermodal service.

A tradition of safety

Safety is Keolis' top priority. The Group adopts a structured and systematic approach to continually improve safety in all countries of operation and across all transport modes. All subsidiaries work towards one common goal: zero accidents.


An exemplary approach to maintenance

Keolis’ preventive and corrective maintenance policy is founded on stringent standards and dedication to continuous improvement. This approach contributes to operational excellence, maintaining the integrity, sustainability, reliability, and availability of assets, both safely and cost effectively.


Driving eco-mobility

Natural gas engines, bio-fuels, hybrid or electric vehicles, and energy recovery systems. Keolis is committed to reducing the impact of its activities on the environment and works closely with local transport authorities and manufacturers to further reduce energy consumption and increase the use of renewable energies. Keolis is the first passenger transport group to receive ISO 14001 certification for its comprehensive environmental management system.


Our commercial approach is based on a set of processes and methods that have been tested, proven, and are subject to a process of continuous improvement.


Jacques Damas, Keolis Executive Director, Rail and Operations