Keolis, providing transport solutions

Innovation: Keolis inventing the future of public transport
Passengers are increasingly mobile and connected, cities are becoming Smart Cities, and regions are searching for more sustainable mobility solutions. Keolis uses a global, collaborative, and open approach to address customers’ needs, and is building tomorrow’s mobility, today.

Innovation for passengers and communities

Digital technologies are revolutionising lifestyles across the globe. City dwellers have become hyper-connected, ultra-mobile nomads. And public transport has become a "customer-centric" industry, dedicated to making passengers’ lives easier, thanks to real time information and highly personalised solutions. Keolis is addressing this change by developing innovative digital and industrial solutions for local authorities, who are themselves undergoing digital transformations. The Group’s ultimate goal is to make public transport networks increasingly attractive and efficient.

Kisio: Keolis’ dedicated innovation hub

Rapid changes in demand and uses, passengers’ new expectations, environmental pressure... In 2015, Keolis merged several Group companies to create a single brand, dedicated to inventing the future of urban transport and making it more attractive. Canal TP, MTI Council, Transétude, EFFIA Synergies, and Motion Lines became Kisio. This new B2B division of 600 experts currently generates 60 million euros in revenue, and embodies the Group’s determination to expand in the area of public transport solutions and services.

Commercial development, connected mobility, customer knowledge, mobility hubs… Kisio helps public transport authorities, transport operators, public and private transport and mobility stakeholders develop and manage mobility projects, from design through to operation.

Kisio is structured around five areas of expertise:

Kisio Analysis 

  • Knowledge of mobility and behaviour
  • Diagnosis and redefinition of transport offers: assessment of strategic issues
  • New service and fare structure proposals
  • Exchange and accessibility hubs

Kisio Consulting 

  • Intelligent transportation systems (Ticketing, Fleet Management): advice and operation
  • Remote customer service
  • Management of HSEQ and sustainable development performance
  • Planning and landscaping for mobility

Kisio Digital 

  • Passenger Information (Mobility Assistant and Navitia Mobility Planner, Timéo, Ubiplex, E-zyweb, E-PV)
  • Distance Selling
  • M-Ticketing

Kisio Services 

  • Customer Relations centres
  • Operation of transport hubs and sales offices
  • Quality surveys and measurement
  • Organisation of bus and coach travel

Kisio has offices in Aix-en-Provence, Amiens, Bordeaux, Lyon, Nancy, Nantes, Paris and Toulouse, and uses its detailed knowledge of different regions to address each local authorities’ specific issues.

An open innovation approach

Keolis embraces open innovation, collaborating with leading industry experts, as well as innovative start-ups in France and abroad: Technologies, the French e-commerce leader, shared its expertise to develop an online (web and mobile) ticket and travel card solution for PlanBookTicket: Keolis’ 100% digital journey planner.

CTS, the Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois’ U'go solution allows passengers to purchase and validate tickets using their smartphone.

Sopra Steria provides integrated mobile ticketing.

Microsoft and Atos helped Keolis develop a CRM tool (Customer Relationship Management). The tool, which is adaptable to the specifics of each subsidiary, helps streamline and refine customer relationship management processes and increase customer satisfaction. Each subsidiary’s customer database can be linked to its ticketing system, helping drive personalised marketing actions and effectively manage customer requests.

ACS Xerox supplies ticketing solutions.

Keolis has also forged partnerships with French and international start-ups specialising in mobility, open data, and smart cities.

Innovation founded on a unique, forward-looking approach

Keolis partnered with Netexplo to create the first digital mobility observatory: Keoscopie Digital. The Group is broadening its vision through long-term analysis of digital uses and their influence on mobility. The goal of this unique initiative is to investigate the impact of these new uses on the Group's business, to help local authorities integrate digital into the development of daily mobility, and to create new services to anticipate passengers’ future needs. The approach is founded on close observation of digital uses across the globe, and identifies the most pertinent innovations that can be adapted and applied to mobility.

Exploiting data potential

Open mobility data is a key feature of Keolis’ digital innovation strategy. The Group’s Kisio subsidiary has partnered with OpenDataSoft to galvanise this process, creating a range of ready to use and customised services and industrial solutions. The objective of this initiative is to address local authorities and public transport networks’ needs and ambitions and support them in the drive for transparency and local open innovation.

New industrial solutions for a more sustainable mobility

Diesel alternative energies, hybrid vehicles, 100% electric buses, braking energy recovery systems in trams... Innovation is another key element of Keolis’ industrial policy. The Group is committed to sustainable mobility, and works in partnership with local authorities to test and implement new solutions to reduce public transport’s environmental impact. An excellent example is Keolis Sverige’s bus network in the Swedish city of Stockholm.