Priority for passengers

We carry 3.4 billion passengers all over the world each year. That’s a lot of different needs to satisfy. Every day, we strive to provide each passenger with a pleasant journey experience and an attractive alternative to personal cars.

Operational excellence every day, everywhere

To convince citizens to leave their cars behind, we need to provide them with an efficient, reliable, punctual and safe mobility service every day. With our expertise in network operation and maintenance, we are working hard to address this challenge. For example, in 2017, out of 9 automatic metro networks around the world, the consultancy Wavestone designated four lines operated by Keolis as the most efficient in terms of reliability and quality of service. And because the safety of our passengers remains our top priority in all circumstances, it is one of the main points of focus of our continuous improvement programme, KeoLife, currently being rolled out across our 300 subsidiaries.

Thinking like our passengers

At Keolis, ‘we care’ is one of the three values that forge our identity. Therefore, the wellbeing of our passengers motivates all our actions. To achieve this, we rely on our ‘Thinking like a passenger’ programme, based on nine commitments and aimed at keeping three promises:

1. ‘Collective design’: Better anticipation of the expectations and feelings of passengers, and building the mobility of tomorrow with them. 
2. ‘Smart choices’: Offering the choice, thanks to an integrated network and services that combine people and digital technology
3. ‘Richer experience’: Providing new experiences and making people want to use public transport.
Created in partnership with our subsidiaries and constantly being improved through their best practices, this programme helps each of them to offer, in their community, mobility solutions focused on the needs and concerns of their passengers.

Meeting everyone’s needs 

More than 10 years of field studies with our mobility observatory Keoscopie have allowed us to overcome certain preconceptions: passenger flows are made up of individuals, each of them different, with specific needs every day. And when it comes to transport, like in any other field, they want personalised answers. To address this need, we are providing them with ever more varied mobility options. We do this through integrated and multimodal networks allowing them to choose and combine different traditional modes of transport. But also by offering them new mobility solutions that will encourage them not to use their car: carsharing, bikes, autonomous electric shuttles, urban cable cars... 

Committed to more inclusive mobility

Meeting everyone's expectations requires taking account of physical or cognitive weaknesses, temporary or permanent, visible or not (e.g. fatigue when standing, fear of falling, eyesight-related difficulties). We operate on-demand mobility services for people with reduced mobility (PRM), and are the leader in this field in France. We also offer a rental service for specially adapted vehicles between private individuals, in partnership with the start-up Wheeliz

At the same time, we are working across all our networks to make them universally accessible: developing platforms and vehicles, adapting passenger information for passengers who are hard of hearing or visually impaired, or, as in Bordeaux and Rennes, providing support services to help people with physical, intellectual or mental disabilities familiarise themselves with the network and get their bearings.

Simple and enjoyable journeys, with or without digital technology

Itinerary searches, traffic information, digital tickets, booking an on-demand vehicle: we provide our passengers with mobile apps, websites and dynamic display systems in real-time in our stations and aboard our vehicles. With one goal: to facilitate daily travel at every stage of the customer experience, to make the journey more enjoyable and better meet the expectations of each individual. 
And for all those who prefer human contact, we train and deploy our personnel in the field to accompany, inform and advise passengers throughout their journey.