Working alongside communities

At Keolis, we want shared, sustainable mobility solutions to increase the liveability of communities. We’re working hard with every transport authority to build tailored solutions that meet the needs of citizens.

Tailored solutions for every community

Thanks to our experience operating 300 networks around the world every day, we know that no two regions are alike. Because of its geography, economy and demographics, each region has its own particular mobility requirements. Hence the need to create and implement tailored solutions. For this, we use our mobility observatory Keoscopie and our Neolis method of network design. The first allows us to help each transport authority understand the mobility requirements and types of use in its region. The second brings together a full range of tools to build, in partnership with elected representatives and all stakeholders, the most adapted network at the best cost. 

Multimodal networks integrating all forms of everyday mobility

Fewer cars in the cities, easy and enjoyable trips for everyone, everywhere, the freedom to choose how to travel and to combine several means of transport for smooth, seamless journeys. Public transport should be a means of strengthening the dynamism and liveability of communities. To keep this promise, we are developing a multimodal approach to mobility. We build highly efficient transport plans based on the complementarity of different modes: high-capacity modes to serve the most densely populated areas and the main axes combined with flexible, agile modes connecting the rest of the region to offer mobility solutions for smaller passenger flows.

Our expertise in multimodality is based on our management of urban mobility solutions (bus, automatic metro, tram, parking...) as well as our role as a pioneer in new mobility solutions (dynamic carsharing, real-time transport on-demand, bike sharing, autonomous electric shuttles...). And to allow individual passengers to choose the mode(s) best suited to their needs, we develop innovative digital solutions for information searches and journey planning, such as helloGo.

Optimising the mobility budgets of the regions 

An effective solution must also be economically viable for the region that has to bear the cost. At Keolis, we strive every day to raise our standards with a view to designing ever more efficient networks. For this we look at all the factors that make it possible to control costs and optimise revenue: frequencies, timetables, ticket pricing, introducing on-demand mobility solutions that are less costly than regular lines, fare evasion, new customer and customer loyalty campaigns...

As part of the contract renewal for the Lille network, our experts have completely redesigned the network – which we have been operating for over 20 years – to increase its frequency and efficiency. This will allow 17 million euros to be reinvested every year to improve mobility in Lille and the surrounding region.

Keolis’ tender bid was the best one we received. It perfectly meets the requirements set out in our specifications. It includes ambitious patronage targets and an attractive service offer (...) with the aim of maintaining our assets in the long term. It also gives us the financial leeway we’re after.


Damien Castelain, Chairman of the local transport authority, European Metropolis of Lille (MEL)

Experts in asset management

Rolling stock, infrastructure, IT systems, technical buildings: asset management is a key issue for all transport authorities. To optimise the long-term availability and performance of their assets, we have developed  unique expertise in this field. Beyond daily management, we use this expertise to help transport authorities develop their investment and modernisation strategies and define preventive maintenance strategies, while also providing project management support in selecting the right materials and the right partners. 

In 2017, the Gold Coast network, operated by Keolis Downer in Australia, became the world's first tram network to be ISO 55000 certified for excellence in asset management.

Supporting cities in their transition to clean energy

To tackle climate change, environmentally friendly mobility solutions are a common goal for a growing number of cities. And for us. To help transport authorities reach this goal and anticipate future regulations, we provide them with our ‘clean’ vehicle expertise as well as alternatives to diesel (biogas, biodiesel, hybrid vehicles, 100% electric buses...). We advise them on adjusting their choices according to the specific aspects of their community (geography, patronage, climatic conditions...) and their financing capacity.  

A strong partnership based on commitment

Honouring our commitments is our priority. This is what ‘We commit’, one of the three values that guide all the actions of our 65,000 employees, is all about. Our strong, trust-based partnerships with our transport authority clients are one of the keys to our success. Based on ongoing dialogue, listening, co-creation and transparency, this approach is set out in a charter of nine commitments and is one of the seven workstreams of our continuous improvement programme, KeoLife.