Occasional travellers

60% of all passengers
They may be a minority in the daily traffic, but occasional travellers outnumber regular customers and generate a significant part of a network’s revenue. Just two good reasons why Keolis deploys dedicated solutions to meet their expectations.

Occasional travellers count double

Occasional travellers, who make at least one journey per month on a public transit system, may not be very visible, but they are certainly numerous. Keoscopie studies show that these passengers account for, on average, 60% of a network’s customers. And although they only represent 20% in terms of traffic, they generate 40% of a network’s revenue. In today’s difficult economic climate, occasional travellers constitute a strategic customer segment for local authorities, as well as for Keolis subsidiaries.

Specific expectations

Unlike tourists and business visitors (lien vers la page dans le même chapitre), occasional travellers are well acquainted with the local area. Their limited knowledge of the transport network however, means they need to plan their journey in advance when taking an unfamiliar route. In fact, they rarely go out of their comfort zone, and are thus less likely to change routes or to try a different transport mode. Network usage and accessibility needs to be simple and easy to encourage attendance and avoid these customers taking their car each time they have to go somewhere new. Adequate off-peak service offers, usage-based fare policies, and flexible purchasing options are also important.

Travelling during off-peak periods

Occasional travellers don’t use public transport at peak times. They use it for their shopping or leisure needs in the middle of the day, in the evening, on weekends, or during school holidays. This is also true in the case of intercity transport. On the Montbrison-Saint-Etienne line for example, single tickets account for 80% of validations on weekends, compared to just 30% from Monday to Friday.

icone transports

20 %
the part of occasional travellers in the global traffic

icone transports

40 %
of revenue is generated by occasional travellers

icone transports

60 %
occasional travellers represent 6 out of 10 customers of a given territory

Keolis solutions for occasional travellers

Reassurance via passenger information

Clear signage, human presence on networks, websites, digital applications, etc. Keolis deploys a comprehensive range of information to help occasional travellers get their bearings and plan their journeys.

A efficient transport offer at all times

Keolis provides local authorities with transport offers, that ensure a consistently high service quality, no matter the time of day, week or year: extended operating hours, adapted service frequency, intermodality, Park and Ride facilities, and agile and dynamic transport offers are just some of the solutions proposed by the Group.

Usage-based fare policies and flexible purchasing options

In cities such as Lyon or Lens, multi-journey family tickets and day or weekend passes, (printed or virtual tickets that can be charged on a travel pass or smartphone) are just some of the solutions that help simplify transport use. Post-payment “pay-as-you-go” solutions, for example in Tours, mean occasional travellers don’t have to worry about buying tickets. Customers can pay via direct debit for journeys made during the previous month.