Keolis, a trusted partner for major cities
Lyon, Stockholm, Bordeaux, Lille, Melbourne, Hyderabad, Rennes and Boston count themselves among the more than 20 major cities that have chosen Keolis to operate all or part of their public transport networks. Their trust in Keolis is founded on the Group’s expertise in mass transit and its ability to implement multimodal solutions that respond to the diverse needs of a wide range of customers.

A diverse range of passengers

More than in any other area, metropolitan public transport systems must respond to the various mobility needs of a broad range of passengers, from professionals, families and senior citizens to university and school students. Passengers are matched in their diversity only by their individual transport needs, be they travelling to work or visiting friends. And, as our Keoscopie studies have revealed, the draw of cities also brings high numbers of visitors throughout the week. 

All roads lead to Rennes

Whether travelling in Rennes for errands and appointments, shopping, culture, sport, work, loved ones, festivals or as a tourist, Rennes’ STAR public transport network serves the needs of its 450,000 residents as well as over 1.2 million visitors to the city during the busiest six-week period of the year.

A multi-modal response to multiple needs

In order to meet the needs of such a diverse range of passengers, Keolis has set itself a clear goal: to provide each passenger with a mobility experience beyond expectations. This ambition is achieved in major cities by offering a range of complimentary transport modes. These include heavy rail, metro, trams, bus and coaches, bike-sharing services, car sharing and carpooling, autonomous shuttles, cable cars, and parking services, and the pedestrian zones linking these services.

Keolis, a leader in mixed mobility

Beyond its operational and management know-how in each transport mode, Keolis’ main expertise lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate multiple modes of transport and offer solutions that are individually tailored to the needs of each city, every day, year on year. This is complemented by a complete range of passenger information solutions designed to make travelling easier and adapted to meet individual passenger needs. Passenger needs are met whether they are new to the network or daily users, are digitally connected or prefer more traditional information sources.

Custom made solutions adapted to cities’ needs and limitations

  • In areas where space is limited, the creation of one-way priority bus lanes allows buses to cross intersections more easily
  • Another solution making travel easier for passengers is high frequency bus lines. They offer an attractive and easy to use regular transport service with increased operating hours and changes to the road infrastructure that helps to improve speeds. It is a mobility solution that can be adapted to suit individual markets and Keolis has put in place this system in Las Vegas, Metz, Nimes, Rennes, Tours and elsewhere.
  • As a partner in mobility, Keolis helps major cities to manage high volume passenger flows at large events such as festivals, conventions and major sporting events, by adapting their transport network package to meet their needs.

Slideshow - High level service offers and effective management for major events

Innovating with major cities

Keolis supports the development projects of major cities as demonstrated by their commitment to partnering in creating the urban mobility of tomorrow.

In the Confluence district at Lyon, Keolis and Navya have partnered to provide the world’s first autonomous electric shuttles in public service. This innovative public transport mode is aligned with Lyon’s aim to become a ‘smart city’.

In Brest, Keolis commenced operation in 2016 of the first urban cable car service in France. Operating for 17 hours a day, seven days a week, the service is fully integrated with the existing bus and tram network already operated by Keolis.